Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Running Divas Review and giveaway (if you are a size small)

Running Divas was seriously awesome and sent me some fun clothes to review.   I am in love with their clothes.  Who doesn't like to look good while running?  This green tank is my most favorite thing they sent me.  I am sure you can't read what it says because I can't in these pictures either, but it says "freakishly strong" and the back says " girls gotta run" with "running divas" across the bottom of the shirt on the back too.

  They also sent me these capri tights and I was a little dubious about them when I saw them because they looked to tiny.  Once I got them on though I fell in love! They say "running divas" on the hip and on the bottom of the right leg they say
"its who we are"
"its what we do"
The tights are so soft and comfy.  They are super light weight and will be great for working out in.  They also make me feel super skinny so maybe they are magic too. Ha!  If you have never checked out their website before I think you should.  They have super cute clothes with all kinds of fun sayings on them. Like
"half as far, twice as fast" 
"high mileage"
"running is my job, weather or not"
"she runs everywhere, motion meditation"
"its an all affair with my life and running, i'll take my time"
You get the idea.   You can check them out HERE

I also think they are very reasonably priced.  Performance tanks are as low as $26.  The green tank I have on is $22 and I see they have skorts for $34.  Seems all pretty affordable.

They also sent me a performance tank that says "running divas" on the front and "flaunt it" on the back.  It is an awesome tank and I got lots of compliments on it the day I wore it to Costco after a run.  I got these great short shorts also.  I at first did not think I would like them.  I still don't think I will wear them out of the house, but I have decided they make great pajamas and are perfect for doing BodyRock.tv workouts.  I love them for elliptical workouts too because they are so short I don't feel like they are rubbing on my legs too much.  They say "freakishly strong". "track star" on the front and "running divas" on the back.
This next picture cracks me up.  My daughter has obviously dressed herself and not had her hair combed yet, and I am all busy pretending to be America's next top model.

 Also a short sleeve shirt that says running divas on the front and "running is what everything else isn't" on the back.  Can you spot why I won't be keeping this shirt?
 Yep, not a fan of the belly hanging out.  I love everything else about the shirt, but I know I won't wear it if it doesn't cover my belly.  So if anyone wears a size small and is shorter than I am (5'8") maybe this shirt will work better for you.?
 If you are interested in the shirt (even though I tried it on twice) leave me a comment saying so and if more than one persons is interested I will draw names out of a hat (really) and announce  a winner  tomorrow morning when I announce the winner of the Go Girl Sport skirt.  ( This is the final day to enter the giveaway for the skirt!) The shirt is a performance type shirt, and is lightweight and comfy and would be great to run in. All you have to do to win is be a follower and send me a vote :)

Also don't forget about the Sweaty Band I am giving away.

Finally a plea for some votes!  If you haven't voted for anyone on Team Refuel today I would love it if you voted for me!  Only 11 days left!  That is nearly 2/3 done with the voting period.  I am so excited!  Go HERE, put Christy in the search box and then vote!  Thanks a million!

Running Divas sent me these clothes free of charge and I do love them.  The opinions I have expressed belong to me and me alone although there may be those that agree with me!


  1. I'd be interested in it :) I have voted for you everyday! I hope you win!

  2. I would like it as well, but I'm only a little shorter than you and also hate when my belly hangs out. So, I guess I will pass on this giveaway. :) Thanks anyway.

  3. I would be interested and voted for you again today!

  4. Would LOVE that shirt.... it will be a "goal" shirt for after baby #3 arrives! You look great in those clothes. Good luck with the votes!

  5. does it make me greedy if I want the shirt? Who cares, I love free things!

    Voted for you!

  6. I'd love the top. I'm a size small and vertically impaired.

  7. the clothes are way cute! love them! unfortunately though...i think that shirt would be too small for me as well!

  8. I'm a lot shorter than you so I'd love the shirt! I am off to look at the Running Divas site!

  9. Alas, the cute shirt is probably too small for me too. So I'm just commenting to tell you I voted for you again. I hope you win! :^)

  10. I'm interested! I'm 5'2", so I think I'd be short enough! LOL
    And I've been voting for you!! I hope you get the grant!! :D

  11. Christy, I just voted for you!

    Switching away from the "blogspot" at the end was actually super easy and it only costs $10 per year. I'm going to do a quick post on how to do it, so stay tuned!

  12. I still love you, even though you are a size small that looks cute in tiny shorts.

  13. Interested too since I'm kinda short :) Voted for you so good luck!

  14. I'd be interested in it! You wearing it is no different than buying a shirt from the store...nothing a simple trip through the wash won't solve /)

  15. I'm 5'1"! I'd wear it! I've been voting too! Cute clothes.

  16. I like the shirt but not my size. I voted for you.

  17. Interested in the shirt! Vote for you daily!!

  18. I'm 5'8, too so this won't work for me! After 5 kids, my stomach should not be viewed by anyone :).

  19. Sure, interested in the shirt. Can I just say...you are ripped! Your legs, arms...strong mama! Love the pictures and the review.

  20. Darn! I am just over 5'8" and I don't do the belly thing either. Too bad! Cute stuff!!

  21. I want the shirt...I vote for you all the time :D


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