Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things for Thursday, I think there are more than three, but I'm not going to count.

Life seems to have been really busy this last week between work and having guests at the house and of course life in general.  I have been getting in some good runs though and you will be relieved to know I aced my CPR test and am now certified for another two years.  This is good since I am a nurse.

something funny I saw on Facebook

Some exciting things that have happened
  • I participated in the GU 100,000 mile challenge on Strava and even though I really ran over 150 miles in the challenge period I only logged 118 with them because I wanted to get the Peanut Butter GU and not the Roctane.
  • Since so many people particiapted in the challenge and we collectively ran over 200,000 mile GU is also going to send all of the participants a GU sampler pack..YAY!
  • I won a a weekly sweepstakes drawing from the Vega Sport Facebook page and get $200 dollars in Vega Sport products as a prize.
Who doesn't love getting free things, especially when you win things you really like.  Peanut butter GU is my favorite GU flavor right now.

I did a review of the Vega Sport products a while back and my favorite thing was their protein bars.  I ordered three boxes of those, and some of their recovery accelerator and since my older sister is so awesome I ordered her a box of the protein powder.

I haven't posted since the Boston Marathon, I had to work that day but whenever I had a spare minute I would open the Boston website and start tracking runners to see how their very HOT marathon was shaping up.  I could imagine how hot it must be getting as split times slowed.  It was very inspiring to me to see all the runners make progress and eventually finish.  I should have wrote down everyone I knew running since there were I few I forgot to look up.

Great job to all the runners that ran in Boston!

I tried to send cooling vibes though I don't think it worked very well.  I am really hoping my marathon in July isn't too hot!  Temps for it historically start in the 50s at 6 in the morning and by noon are in the lower 80s. I plan to be done before noon.  Hopefully before 10, but since it is my first marathon I am trying not to place any high expectations on myself, especially if it has the possibility of being a hot one.

and finally something to remind myself whenever I start freaking out about running a marathon.


  1. That picture is so cute! Congrats on winning all the free stuff:) I agree "yes you can!"

  2. I love free stuff. In fact I have gotten a bunch of stuff from blog contests. :)

  3. YAY for free things! Sounds like an awesome haul!

  4. Cooling vibes! lol I felt so sorry for all of them!!! I feel sorry for myself enough during a *half* marathon with great weather conditions. I can't imagine what they endured.

  5. I love winning free stuff. I hardly ever win anything though- boo. Thanks to you I am addicted to peanut butter GU. :-)

  6. Ha! I think it's funny you logged fewer miles to get the flavor you want! :)

    I bet you'll be done by 10 :)That should be no problem. Hopefully it's a nice cool morning for you.

  7. Congrats on the free stuffs! :)

    YOu will kick butt in your marathon. I have no doubt about it! :)

  8. Free stuff ALWAYS makes me happy!

    There has never been any doubt in MY mind that you will rock the hell out of the marathon. believe it!

  9. Funny flower pic! Yay for free Gu! Yeah, you'll be finished before it gets hot.

  10. That picture is so cute!

    Glad to read your post and catch up on your news... and glad to learn you have won some some things you really like. So fun when you get something really useful or new to try, too. I love to win giveaways.

    Congrats on getting your recertification in CPR... way to go ACE!

  11. Congrats!!! And that picture is adorable :) totally made me smile

  12. i love free stuff! love the pics and the motivation! Yes, those Boston marathoners are incredible!!!

  13. Good job on your miles. Because you linked to it, I participated in that challenge too and got PB Gu for myself! I have never tried it, but am excited to see how it is!

    I hope that your marathon is not too hot! I am running one in August; it starts at 7 am and is supposed to be in the 50s as well and I am seriously crossing fingers that it's not hotter! I will cross the other hand for you!


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