Sunday, April 15, 2012

Doing what I do!

 My kids worked really hard yesterday to pick me dandelion and purple mustard bouquets.  That look pretty sweet above my sink in the kitchen in their little mason jars.

 I had a fabulous 10 mile run yesterday and was excited to get in another today, but much to my dismay it was SNOWING this morning.  BRR.  I want spring and sunshine, not cold and snow.  I want tanks and running skirts not tights and hats!

I waited until about 1:30 this afternoon and by then it was done snowing and was a balmy 40 degrees with a slight breeze.  Lovely.

I hadn't decided if I was going to do intervals or a tempo run, but it turned in to more of a progressing run.
The mile splits looked like this
9:08 warming up and a big hill
8:36 my legs were feeling kind of tired  so I wasn't sure if I was going to keep progressing
8:09 starting to get into it and feeling good
7:48 no leg tiredness, just feeling strong, breathing good.
7:32 had a long uphill portion so I messed up the progressive part here, but feeling really STRONG
last .10 mile at 6:21 pace.  The last mile really was hard, but I was so determined to finish strong.

I couldn't believe how good I felt once I got my legs warmed up and moving. 

A little after run loving for Cola and my cat Tip had to sneak into the picture too.  I really love my little running dog.
 and I love these shoes I am Brooks Pure Flows, so light weight, fast and they totally match my outfit today :)

and yay my lawn in starting to turn green.  It was looking pretty sad after the grasshoppers got done with it last fall.  

What is your favorite flower?  I love daffodils and daisies.  They are both happy flowers in my books. I also love flowers my kids bring to me, makes my heart happy :)


  1. I love lilies - definitely my favorite flower. Great job on your run today!

  2. Great run! You are so going to be marathon ready.

  3. awesome run and love the cute mason jars! so sweet. My fav flowers are calalilies, gerber daisies, and roses

  4. It snowed there?? It's supposed to be crazy hot here tomorrow (after last week was in the 40s). We had to mow the lawn this weekend because it's been so warm! Crazy.

    I actually don't like flowers, which is lucky for Mike, because he never has to get me any!

  5. I love just about any flower my kids pick for me. Just love it. Eeeww.. cold and snow. So sorry. We're going to hit 90 tomorrow at the Boston Marathon - I actually had to dig out the sunscreen for the kids tomorrow. That was an adventure in itself. Soon it will be here. Great run today and I love how you kicked it in the end.

  6. I love daffodils because they mean that winter is OVER! I just noticed we have some daffodils in our backyard now. Maybe if my dogs don't eat them, I can make a bouquet!

  7. Lilies of the valley. i *heart* flowers. they were my major in college :)

    those little jars are so cute! Great progression run!

  8. Love the beautiful flowers! So sweet. Hard to believe you had snow, and we had a super hot day yesterday. Not that hot temperature wise, only in the 70s but it was super humid. I would have loved a 40 degree day for our race yesterday.

  9. Those little jar bouquets are adorable! Still snowing in Montana? Wow. As for flowers, I loveeeee orchids.

  10. Snow? Crazy! Good for you for getting a great run in. Right now, I am loving the blooming tulips. SO pretty and totally remind me of spring:)

  11. Nice run and good to get out.. glad the snow didn't stick around.

    I love Spring flowers. King Alfred Daffs are my very favorite cause they are so bright and stand so tall. Daisies were my first wedding flowers... have always loved them. Actually I love all flowers.

    Those jars of flowers your kids picked are so sweet and beautiful. And I love the pic of you and Cola and the kitty, too. That dog loooooves you so much, I can tell.

  12. I seriously love ALL flowers, but I think my favorite -- or at least what I'm missing hard core right now are all my gardenia bushes... love the vibrant and shiny green leaves, and the pure as snow white buds that bloom into a giant flower smelling amazing for days... yes, definitely gardenia:)

  13. Your flowers look so pretty! I'm usually just happy to be given flowers!

  14. You are getting so strong lady! Can't wait to see how your marathon goes, I'm thinking that you are going to crush it! Funny that you had a snow hat on yesterday and I just about died here in Chicago wearing the tiniest pair of shorts and a little bitty sports bra!

  15. WOW!!!! nice tempo Christy! you are super speedy :)

    and I love daffodils and lilies....wood lilies are my fav :D

  16. Great job on your run! Ali is right. You are very speedy.

    My favorite flower is lilies!

  17. Wow, amazing run!! I bet you feel great about it. I love your pups. they look so happy.

  18. the flowers look wonderful! i love tulips and gerber daisies.

  19. I love calli lilly's...if that's how you spell them!! LOL!

    what a great run you had! I love how miles are SO different from one another...some are great, some are more than great and some are pitiful! guess that's what makes running such a great sport!!! :-)

  20. Kids are the best! Love your flowers. :) I need to get my run's been awhile and I'm feeling it. I currently have a few injuries, for now I'm walking. :/-

  21. Sorry I've been so behind on commenting lately. It's been so hot here that it almost seems strange to see you dressed in warmer running clothes in these photos. Hope everything has been going great for you and your family!

    I love the picture with the cat sneaking up to get some attention too!

  22. 3 things:
    1. Those flowers are wonderful! What great kids, and a lovely decoration.
    2. SNOW?!? Seriously?! Thumbs down. It's April!
    3. That run is amazing! That's one tough run to pull off, and it sounds like it was a blast. I'll be back in that territory....eventually!

  23. I am actually wishing it would snow here right now. :)
    We didn't get anything this year, Not even a light dusting.

    I love that your kids bring you flowers. That is so sweet!
    My favorite flowers are daisies and sunflowers. Just happy, cheery flowers that make me smile.

    That is some SERIOUS splits u have there. I think U are such a strong runner!
    Good joB!


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