Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesdays Randoms

I don't know why I didn't know this before but I just discovered I can watch Game of Thrones on my iPad if I download the episodes on iTunes.  For a price of course, but YAY! I have been dying to see Game of Thrones.  I have read the books several times and listened to the first two books on audio while running.  Now I am wondering how long it will be before I break down and buy it on iTunes.

I also gave in and created an Instagram account.  I don't have a phone that it will work on, so I put it on my iPad.  I love how easy it is to use and that you can automatically post to Facebook and/or Twitter so easily.
Like this one of my daughter
 and this one of my motivation board in progress

I am working myself up to get out there and run right now, it is cloudy, windy and looks cold, although I did go out with the kids a bit ago and the temperature isn't too bad, about 50ish.

Today is long run day for the week and it is also a cut back week.  I only have to do 14 miles. It wasn't that long ago that 14 miles would have scared me, now HA!  14 miles, BRING IT ON!  While still not a distance to laugh at it seems so easy compared to the 22 I did last week.

Next week 18 miles, than 22, then HELLO taper time and marathon.  Okay it is STILL 38 days 22 hours and 18 minutes away.  It feels like FOREVER.  I just want to do it already and have that 26.2  under my belt and that bling on the wall and to be able to say

"Yea, I've done a marathon."
"I am a marathoner"

instead of
"No, I just do halfs"

Not that I am discounting half marathon because they are still a hard distance to race and I love doing them. I am proud of the 4 half marathons I have run and I learned a lot from each one. I plan to continue to do them.  I am just ready to tackle another hurdle in my running career.

It has been so inspiring to me to read other bloggers journeys to their first marathon.  I am still trying to figure out where to set my goals for this first marathon.  I don't want to expect too much and yet I don't want to set my sights too low either.

They have pace groups, and it will be the first time I have been in a race with pace groups.  I am trying to decide if I should try to stay with one or not.  I am so used to running by myself I am a little worried running with one will bug me.  Or it could motivate me.

I of course think it would be uber awesome to qualify for Boston, but at this point I am not going to make that a goal, the race is in July and it could be hot and maybe I will just be happy to make it across the finish line.

Anyone seen Game of Thrones?
What kind of goals did you set for your first marathon?


  1. My first marathon I had the goal of under 5 hours and finish. Well I got one...I finished! I joined Instagram too...I'm still learning how to use it though! You're going to rock that marathon! I can't wait!

  2. Wow!! I have been missing from the blog world for a while and am just now reading you are doing a marathon!! That is so exciting! If anyone can do it and do it well, it is you! Can't wait to read more about your journey!

  3. Ah! George Martin - how you mess with my head! Game of Thrones is my guilty pleasure - my husband and I can't wait for Sunday night, once the kids are asleep, to watch the latest, wicked installment - season ends this weekend!
    Almost there! I've got family in Missoula - what a great place for a marathon!! I have no doubt you'll BQ.

  4. You are making me marathon envious!!! I want to run another one but I'm dealing with foot problems. You are so awesome running all those miles. Isn't it funny saying, 'only 14 miles.' That was one thing I loved about training, how your perspective of distance totally changes. But- that's what gets you through the marathon... seeing the 20 mile marker and thinking 'only 6more to go.' You forget that you already just ran 20. hehe oh and My husband and I watch Game of Thrones. I like it, but he is OBSESSED! He's reading the books too.

  5. I haven't gotten into Game of Thrones yet, but I should….whenever I resist a huge trend, I end up caving and loving it (Twilight, Hunger Games). And I just got on Instagram too - again, why did I wait so long? I love it! I'm sure you know about the McMillian website, but I find that to be a great tool to get goal times for other race distances. And as for the pace group, you don't have to necessarily run right with them, you could just keep them in sight.

  6. Mike loves Game of Thrones. He read the books and then watched the show and thinks it's amazing. I can't really get into it, though.

    For my first marathon, I had no idea what to think, either. I let Chaz help me figure out reasonable goals and I went from there. I knew I could run faster than 4 hours, so that was my goal. As for the pace group, you might want to talk to people that have run the race before. The pacers at Hartford were AWFUL, my pacer burnt me out in the first half running way faster than his promised pace (he brought people in a good 7 minutes faster than he was supposed to), so I ended up dropping off and finishing slower than I probably could have otherwise. I did, however, meet someone in the pace group to run with for the whole race which REALLY helped.

  7. your marathon is going to be here before you know it! you have trained so hard...i can barely wait for you to be a marathoner:) for my first i began training with a time goal but then had a few week setback with a bum foot so i ended up going in with the goal to just finish but hoped for under 4:30. I ended up with 4:19:59...i totally shocked myself because i wasnt sure how i would feel. but i think about the "feelings" of my first marathon so often. seriously. some of the best moments of my life were on that day! loved every second! cant wait for you to experience that!

  8. I haven't gotten into Game of Thrones but I've heard a lot of good things. You are such a strong runner that I'm confident your first marathon is going to be a fast one. There are a few runner bloggers that set A, B, and C goals and I like the idea of doing that.

  9. I need to get on this game of thrones bandwagon PRONTO!
    I can't wait to read your Missoual marathon report- I'm still dreaming of doing it next year!

  10. I'm halfway through reading it :) And I didn't prepare well enjoy for my ill-fated and rather disastrous marathon, so my goal was to finish without being picked up by the hurry-up van. Not a problem you will be facing!!!

  11. I dig Instagram!
    My goal for my 1st was to get across the finish line. I started training after a half Ironman and I only had 9wks to train for it. I was a bit uncertain how it would go. It was fine and I accomplished the goal to get across the line. ;-)
    You my friend, are going to kill it!
    Aim High!

  12. I love instagram so I'll follow you....when I figure out how to. So far I'm only following people that follow me as I have no clue how to operate it other than to post photos to twitter ;)

    AND YAY for you becoming a marathoner. I can't believe so many people ask you that - I've only been asked once. Maybe it's because by looking at me you can tell I can't run far ;P

    and "only do halfs" PLEASE you rock those babies!

  13. Good luck on your marathon! I'm sure that you're very excited. And nervous! I haven't gotten the guts up to go that far yet. I've registered for a 30K this summer so I'm getting there. Baby steps.

    I LOVE Game of Thrones! I feel like a total perv watching it sometimes though. Some days HBO really likes to push the envelope I think! LOL Enjoy!

  14. I have borrowed Game of Thrones season 1 from a friend. We haven't started watching it yet, we were waiting for summer when there isn't a lot of new programming. Plus, we are going to add HBO this summer for a few months and we can watch catch up on season 2 episodes we have missed.

  15. I keep seeing Game of Thrones pop up as a book suggestion here and there. I'm so bad at picking up new tv shows, so I don't know if I'd do that, but a book for sure.

    I've never run with a pace group. I would think you may want to start with the group and then adjust as you are comfortable.

    You're going to do so awesome!

  16. I wonder if there is a group in your area you could do a practice run with in order to try out a pace group. If not, you can just try it out at your marathon and see how it goes then.

    I don't have Instagram and am not an Apple person but looking into it.

  17. I'm going to read the Game of Throne friend leant it to me. But the first few chapters are a bit dark and overwhelming I've found. How did you find it getting into the books?

  18. I can not believe you just said "taper". It just seems like yesterday you signed up for Missoula! I am VERY excited for you to join the "marathon club"- its great.

    PS- Instagram=AWESOME. I am obsessed!

  19. I'm excited for you and your first 26.2. You are going to love it! (Well, somewhere along the way you'll probably hate it. But after you're done hating it for a few miles, you'll really, really love it.)

  20. I haven't seen the Games of Throne, but I just recently learned you can download more than just songs from iTunes. Yeah, I'm dumb! :)

    My daughter downloaded Instagram for me the other day...I have no idea what it does, therefore haven't used it. Yeah, read "dumb" above!! I just need more hours in the day I guess to learn these things. I got a Twitter account a year ago and never even logged into it. Ha. One day.

    So excited about your upcoming marathon. You'll get the marathon addiction after you get over the "hate" part, like Cory mentioned!

  21. UGH...I WISH I could talk about my first marathon experience...I'm still waiting on that one. how many times can you sign up for races and NOT be able to run them come race day? Ha!

    You will be doubt about that! And, I cannot wait to hear all about it and read your race report. You have trained hard and worries!

    haven't gotten into Game of Thrones yet...watching the Hatfield and McCoy History channel mini-series right now being that I am from KY...scary to watch it and think, "Wow, this really happened in my state?"

  22. I LOVE Game of Thrones!! I am reading the 3rd book right now and LOVE the series :D


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