Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Motivation

I started doing back in October of 2010.  I was skeptical when I started but soon was following it faithfully.  I kept up with all the new workouts and it wasn't long before I was seeing some results.  It was my first experience with high intensity interval training.  I loved the short intense workout that for the most part were body weight or were done with very minimal equipment.

Fast forward to October of 2011 and the workouts were now involving more equipment and instead of having 3-5 new workouts a week they were very sporadic, she was putting in weird capoiera moves and generally I was going back and doing old workouts or making up my own. 

Then the unthinkable happened, Zuzanna who to me was left  New hosts were brought in and eventually it seemed to be just Lisa Marie.  For me it was very disruptive to have different hosts and I know I was turned off by Lisa Marie.  I pretty much quit except to go back and do old workouts occasionally. 

I went from doing 4-5 HIIT workouts a week to lucky to get in one or two. My weekly mileage during this time was also going up from averaging in the 20s to averaging in the 30s and now in the 40s.

What is the point of all this?  

I have decided to give and Lisa Marie another chance.  I am not sure I really gave her much of a chance to begin with I was so bummed about Zuzanna leaving.  I am doing the May 30 day challenge. 

Here is today's workout done!

 I am doing it two days behind them since sometimes they don't post the workouts until much later in the day and when I want to do it, I want to do it when I  am ready! I also like to have watched the video and have it all ready in my notebook to go so I don't have to waste time getting it done when I just want to get the workout done!

This is tomorrow's workout ready to go!
 Yup, I have a whole drawer in my dresser that is devoted to notebooks for working out.  Two of them are full of Bodyrock workouts that I have done.  It is fun to look see how much progress I have made since I started and go back and do old workouts over.
I also like lots of different colored pens, I keep them here so my kids don't lose them

So far I have done the Fit Test on Day One, and Day Three's Burn and Sculpt Workouts.  I haven't tried the Flow yoga ones yet, not sure why since I think yoga would be good for me and my tight muscles, but maybe I am avoiding it since I am less familiar and therefore less comfortable with it.

Here are their descriptions of the workouts
  • Intense Total Body ‘BodyRock Burn’ Workouts – 12 Minute Workouts specifically designed to maximize fat loss.
  • Specific Isolated Weighted ‘BodyRock Sculpt’ Program to run alongside the Burn & Flow Components – To Dramatically Improve Overall Toning & Strength.
  • ‘BodyRock Flow’ – Improve strength, flexibilty and help create long lean & limber muscles to support the ‘Burn & Sculpt’ Workouts.

This is a little hard to read I know but this is the schedule they have for May.

I have been doing some of Zuzanna's ZWOW workouts and they are pretty good too, but my biggest complaints about them are that

  1. They aren't in a HIIT format
  2. They are do as many rounds as possible in ten minutes (or some other time) and I want to do HIIT.
 I also have a 5 mile race coming up this weekend.  It is the biggest race in Montana.  The Montana Women's Run, they have almost 8,000 people signed up last I heard.  I think most do the 2 mile race.

I had someone at work ask me last week if I was going to walk the race or jog it.  To which I replied "Neither, I race it"  :)  It's one of my favorite races.  I am not expecting a PR but I do hope for a good time!

What is motivating you this week?


  1. Loving' the pretty notebooks! And your race attitude (I'm in more of a "just get to the end" place at the moment. Two things are motivating me this week - my refound love of ballet and the possibility of my sister coming for a run with me :)

  2. Love the notebooks and colored pens. I have so many colored pens it's silly :)

    The bodyrock tv sounds great- and you've seemed to have a lot of success with it so one of these days I'll have to try it out. Your Monday motivation is very motivating.

    My motivation this week is a half marathon on Saturday. I don't expect to PR, but it will be fun. Only 5 more weeks until I start training for my next marathon and I couldn't be more excited :)

    Happy Monday!

  3. I am not that familiar with bodyrock. Since it seems like you have kept great tabs on your previous workouts, couldn't you go back and repeat them if you don't like the new workouts? I have 2 whiteboards in our home gym that each contain different workouts. I switch between them weekly and that seems to help keep me in check. The only cross training equipment I have is a spin bike and kettle bells.

  4. "neither, i race it." I love it!!

  5. I've been stalking the site lately as something to do post-partum...not a huge fan of Lisa Marie either. Love the notebooks that you're keeping, funny to think that with all the technology we have to track things sometimes it's more rewarding to WRITE it down.

  6. I've looked at bodyrock a couple times and I"m always super intimidated. This post was soo helpful :) I'm crazy with pens and markers too

  7. good luck this weekend! love your response:)also...really love your notebook idea and the ability to look back over your progress! that is super smart. id like to start doing something like that to keep track of my strength training.

  8. Ohh I love all of this! How inspiring!!! Body rock looks amazing!

  9. Love all your notebooks!!! Bodyrock looks awesome!!!

  10. I have been meaning to start a notebook/journal for some time now...but, I need to start something so I can actually have something to "write "in it!!! ha ha...bodyrock sounds intriguing...I'll have to check it out

  11. The Bodyrock thing sounds interesting, gonna have to check it out!

  12. what a wonderful idea to keep those notebooks! i love colored pens too,i hide them from my hubby!

  13. I love your comment to your co-worker:)

  14. That co-worked cannot possibly know you well at all!

    I hope to get more into strength once this half is over and I back off my mileage and get moved and get the boat cleaned up for Spring! Yikes, it will be June by then....

  15. NICE job christy. I totally tried to do one of Zuzanna's ZWOW's and almost died! lol maybe in July I'll switch to body rock as I have one more June calendar to lead the peeps through :) I like the idea of working more while working less (time)

  16. Love the notebooks! I kept some but in mine I would write down what I ate. I think it's fun to go back and see how I lost all that weight!

  17. I have notebooks going back ten years! I love looking back at them, & I'm a crazy type-A freak like that. ;-)

    Good luck on your race this weekend! i'm currently motivated because I have my first half on Sunday. *fingers crossed*

  18. Love it when you said "Neither, I race it."
    Love the confidence you have.
    And I love colored pens and I love your workout log books! :)

  19. Walk or jog?! Do you ever walk or job?! Good luck this weekend with the race!


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