Thursday, September 13, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. Running.. yeah, haven't run much.  I think I maybe ran 10 miles last week?  4 of those miles were super easy with the double stroller and 6 were just super easy miles.  and I mean super easy.  The first two miles were just barely under ten minute miles.  I was trying not to even pay attention to my pace because when I do I can't stand going slower than 9 minute miles for an easy run.  I have been biking and on the elliptical and doing Bodyrock workouts.  and I did my physical therapy once.  My hips are enjoying the break from running I think.  I have decided not to worry about my original goal of getting in at least 100 running miles this month and r-e-l-a-x about it a little.

Why is that so hard to do?

2. Went to Target to pick up some birthday party supplies for my son who will be turning 6 soon, I did of course happen to find a few things that were not for the party.  Pumpkin spice coffee is maybe my favorite coffee flavor EVER.  I hate that it is seasonal.  I bought three bags and am considering going back and buying every bag of it that they have.

3. Rocky is almost 7 weeks old.  She went from a small helpless and I do mean helpless (couldn't even pee by herself) little kitten to the fun playful stage she is now.  Love this stage.  She is litter box trained (not thrilled about the litter box, I had planned to be done with that forever, but I can't just kick her outside to fend for herself!!) and eats by herself and I finally saw her drinking out of her water bowl all by herself.  She also has it figured out where we go at night and climbs up on the bed to play, or snuggle, but mostly play.  That gets her booted from the bed, but she is pretty persistent!

Anyone want a small small cat?


  1. i'm not even a huge cat person ( i like them, but prefer dogs) and rocky steals my heart every time you take a pic. I plan on stocking up on the pumpkin spice coffee too! I think I heard somewhere you can freeze coffee in the bag and it will still be good after a decent amount of time

  2. You should totally teach Rocky to use the toilet! My friend did it and said it's the best thing ever. She never has to clean a litter box.

  3. What?! You aren't going to keep Miss Rocky???? She is so cute! I think that the Archer Farms pumpkin flavored coffee is one of the better ones. I only bought one bag, but I will be back for more next week.

  4. ahh she is so cute!!

    and I have never had pumpkin spice coffee. sad, I know. I need to remedy this asap!

  5. Relax! You are a rockstar runner. TIme off is good for you at this point!

    & Rocky is freaking adorable!

  6. I would love a small cat, yet my wife is allergic so we will have to make due with dogs only. Lucky for us our bulldog is a rockstar ;)

    Oh ya tis the season for fall flavors! I will be excited to eat pumpkin pie and drink some pumpkin coffee!

  7. If my husband and son weren't allergic, I'd take Rocky (my daughter and I love cats but have to be catless; dogs? a different story as soon as we get our own non-rental house!).

    I like all the fall flavors of everything, too!

  8. I really think this time off is going to make you even stronger, in the upcoming months.

    Ugh. I made the mistake of wandering the aisles of Target, while waiting on an RX, yesterday. Filled my basket w/all kinds of useless crap. (but the candy corn was 2for$5!!) I saw those tomato soups and wondered what the deal was with the new look...

  9. You're not going to keep your baby/kitten? :)

    I'm with you on not being able to just relax and give my body some rest. I just wish I could do that AND still run all that too much to ask? ? :)

  10. You have done such an amazing and generous/loving job with Rocky. Hard to believe she even survived, let alone is thriving and doing so well. Kudos to you Christy Kitty Mama!

    Yes, it must be hard for you to have had to back off your running mileage but I know you will come back stronger than ever. I am glad to read that you are doing BodyRock - was wondering, and I bet your GUNS are amazing again!

    Haven't tried pumpkin coffee, but I make pumpkin spice lattes (my lowfat recipe is on my food blog) and I love pumpkin spice teas too. If I had a chance, I think I would go back and buy all that coffee, too!

  11. I think Rocky makes a super cute house kitty!

    And you can freeze coffee, girl! Make sure to put that bag in an airtight freezer bag and you're set!


  12. Rocky is adorable! And presumably much easier to deal with now she can manage most things by herself. I want one! (Although I'm almost never home so she'd be very neglected.)


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