Tuesday, September 11, 2012

To shake or not to shake.

Every now and then something comes around that defies everything you have lived your life believing to be the gospel truth.  We believe these things because that is what we have been told our whole life.

Green means go.
Running is bad for your knees.
Germs are evil and we should sanitize every chance you get and stay out of the mud.
Too much salt causes high blood pressure.
Red meat is bad for you.
You should eat a low fat or fat free diet to lose weight.
(I hope you know I am being sarcastic with all except the first one)

I love it when I read articles about new research to the contrary.  Turns out salt isn't quite the villain it was made out to be.  Think about it.  Our bodies need salt.  Especially when we exercise and are active.

I came across an article in Costco Connection recently that talked about the salt issue.   Here is a small excerpt

and one more little snippet I found interesting if you don't want to read the whole article

Interesting no?

I found another couple of articles here in the NY Times and here from CBS news which both say about the same thing.  Yet at the there are still medical establishments and news outlets promoting limiting salt intake, like this one.

Kind of makes you think maybe nobody really knows anything and are just making wild guesses based on one study or the other.

I think it all leads to what I always try to follow when eating.  All things are fine in moderation.  Moderation being the key.


  1. I have to limit my salt intake to help prevent episodes of vertigo from Meniere's Disease. It's REALLY tricky with endurance running, though, because if I don't get enough there are bad side effects from that too. I still haven't found the perfect balance, but I'm trying!

  2. I tend to favor salty over sweet. I think that salt in moderation is good for you.

  3. Everything in moderation for sure. & yes - we do need salt!

  4. I am very much a moderation person, too. And I like salt. Now I won't feel bad about those noodle bowls I sometimes get....

  5. I have been craving salt this summer like a mad woman. I'm a SUPER salty sweater, so I've just gone with it.

  6. it's crazy how they're always saying something different!

  7. Just hand over the pretzels...my favorites :)

  8. agreed, all things are fine in moderation. And as a runner, you (and by you i mean any runner) do definitely need some sodium anyways since you lose so much through sweating. While I do think that high sodium content in a lot of things is linked to the "bad foods", there are plenty of things that have a decent amount that aren't so bad. I think figuring out what works best for your body and diet makes the most sense using the numbers as a loose guideline

  9. I not much of a shaker, but I like salty foods like Salt and Vinger chips

  10. Love this! Salt is my biggest vice, so this is good news in my book :)

  11. I salt everything. I seriously get sad when I go to a restaurant that doesn't have salt shakers. If I ever have to go on a low salt diet, my life will be sad and empty. :)

  12. I have never read an article FOR salt consumption! Thanks! Now I feel my salt addiction is justified!


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