Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Review

My weekend was super busy, here it is in condensed form.

  • Go get Bountiful Basket, stop along the way for a 5.8 mile run.  I was going to do an even 6 but had gut issues again.  What is up with that?!
  • Get home, frost birthday cake for Little Cowboy, wrap presents, make chip dip, shower, get kids ready.
  • Get the news my sister and her kids are going to be flying out of Tunisia and into Germany sometime on Sunday. 
  • Cry because I am so relieved they are getting out of there.
  • Set up for multi-cousin birthday party at my Mom's house.
  • Have party.
  • Go home have birthday BBQ for my husband with his parents.
Cade wanted a rodeo cake.
Hard to believe he is 6, or will officially be on Thursday.  Cousin Chase is four and cousin Carter 7.

  • 15 mile bike ride, be sad I am not doing the half marathon half an hour from my house. 
  • Clean house (again, does it ever end)
  • Organize pantry (kids are so messy)
  • do a Bodyrock workout
  • Find out sister and kids will hopefully be here Monday night.  :)
  • Have the neighbors over for supper.

 How was your weekend?
Any races? 

A shout out to Julia at Pain, Pride and Perseverance on her first 50 miler!
Xaarlin from Pain is Nothing on her awesome 25 minute marathon PR this weekend you can read about it here.  So happy for her comeback marathon.
Sarah at Thinfluenced did a century ride with Team in Training in honor of her son's battle with cancer, read about her amazing ride here.


  1. Sounds like a crazy weekend, but fun. I love that cake so cute :)

    So happy to hear about your sister and her family. I am sure you are more than relieved!!

  2. Busy weekend! That's great news about your sister- so scary and nerve-wracking to have loved ones in possible danger with no way of helping.
    I love the cake- what a great mom you are!

  3. Love Julia! So happy and proud of her too!

  4. Hooray for good news about your family! And that sure is a cute cake.

  5. My weekend was great - clocked a total of 20 miles on two different walks and deep cleaned my childs room - ready for fall.

  6. I'm so happy to hear about your sister...I'm sure not half as happy as you are though!!

    I LOVE the cake...such a talented Momma!!

  7. I'm glad your sister and her family are coming home safe!!

    That cake is amazing! Nice work!

  8. Really happy your sister and her family are getting out and will be safe.

    I love the rodeo cake :)

    You will be back up and running in no time. I know its hard to sit out the races you should be running, but its for the better. This year has been full of heartache like that for me- especially the start of the year when I hurt my hip flexor and couldnt run for 3 months. It's been moderation ever since. But I am really happy I took the time to heal properly so this marathon could be a success.

    Thank you for the shout out :)

  9. That is one killer cake partner!

  10. Love the cake! Happy B-day to your little guy. Glad to hear your sis is moving out of danger.

  11. Love that cake!! I saw Julia's FB pics from her 50- miler. I was so impressed! I ran my first trail race in 8 weeks and I was feeling all happy because I had zero knee pain!

  12. It sounds like you had a fun, but busy weekend. Happy birthday to your little man- I loved his cake choice!

  13. Wowzers! You had a busy weekend!
    I love the Rodeo cake!!
    So glad your sister and her family will be home safe and sound soon.
    Hope you got the chill a bit today.

  14. Got to chill, good golly, wish I could type :-)

  15. Did you say supper!?!? I love it! My grandmother says supper! I want to come over to your house for supper. Not dinner, mind you. It sounds like a fun, family and friend filled weekend, which are the best, even if you end them wishing for a vacation!

    I raced on Sunday; it went well. I PRed by about 40 seconds.

  16. That cake is totally one of those "You know you live in Montana when..." moments :)

    I'm so glad your sister and her family are safe!

  17. What a fantastic cake!

    I'm glad your sister and her family are safe!

  18. I'm sure you must be incredibly relieved that your sister and her family are safe! That's great news!

  19. Neat cake! I am so glad to hear your sister and her family will be home soon, if not already tonight. What a happy reunion you will have.

  20. LOVE the cake!!! My son is turning 6 soon and he'd love that cake!

    Glad to hear your sister will be home, I'm sure that's a huge relief! Yay, hope they returned safely!

    No races this past weekend, but a few, nice runs. My family and I are doing a local 5K this Sunday and we're so excited! Been a while...

  21. What a relief about your sister! I love the cake. So cute! Sad about the race but hopefully you enjoy your bike ride!


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