Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August is long gone, brief recap

August seriously seemed to fly by.  I can't believe the whole month went by and I only did one race.  Okay it was a race with three legs and took 25 and a half hours and was pretty awesome, but I usually do 2 or three races.

Miles Ran 138, which was 20 more than July.  For some reason it didn't feel like I ran that much.  I finally was feeling great with my running again and went and ran Hood to Coast, which was nothing short of amazing, but now my hamstring on the right side is bothering me.

Hoping I will get in more than the 64 miles I got in last September.  I haven't had a month below 100 miles since last October and I would kind of like to keep it that way :)

I have been cross training more with the elliptical and my bike.  Helps but isn't the same.  I am trying to stay focused on the long term, healing up, and not being too much of a whiner.

The problem with that is..the two half marathons I would like to do this month and the zero half marathons that are around here after that until next spring.  !  !   !!

Wondering if I should just take September to relax and let my body want to run again.  I ran four miles today and my heart just wasn't really in it.  I quit after 4 miles so as not to stress out my right hamstring.  It seemed to do good with some moments of tightness.  I will finish my workout later on the elliptical or maybe do a Bodyrock type workout.

The only race I did all of August was Hood to Coast.  I declined to enter two races I would have LOVED to have done, but I didn't think my body was ready.  I am glad I listened to my body and felt great for Hood to Coast.  That one was worth skipping the other races for.

so my August highlights were

  • Hood to Coast
  • Little Cowboy starting kindergarten
  • keeping Rocky alive after finding her abandoned and just born


  1. You are doing very well with your mileage for the year! H2C is hard on a body- a little rest and you'll be back at it strong :)

    Cute kitten! Tiny!

  2. You have had an amazing year so far and if you feel that a break is needed then you should take it. Hamstrings can take a while to heal if you keep messing with them. August was a great month for you. Hood to Coast is a great experience and I am sure that taking care of Rocky was and still is a big job. What a handsome Little Cowboy!!

  3. The thought of relaxing and letting your body want to run again does sound appealing...maybe that is what I should say I am doing too :)

  4. Those are pretty great highlights if you ask me! And I'm sorry your hamstring is bugging you... That's pretty sucky. Hoping it's healed up SOON! :)


  5. Sounds like the hammy could use a little rest, but you can always just wait until October to start resting since you have no halfs around after that. Would love to travel for a race one of these days!

  6. You have had a fantastic month. I am sure you will far exceed your 64 miles from last September.

  7. that picture of your little cowboy is perfect! too adorable!

  8. Holy Moly look at your mileage! Amazing! Good job Christy!

  9. Your pour hammie :( As much as it may hurt to hear...sounds like you may need to take some time off and rest up. Your body will thank you and you will bounce back and be stronger than ever. Think of it this way, you could either take some time off and be as good as new in no time or keep chugging along towards what may turn out to be a tough and frustrating race.

    Sending you speedy healing wishes!!!

  10. It might be worth it to take some time off to recover, but it just stinks when you have races coming up. You had a great August, though!!

  11. Wow, you ran a lot of miles! I have to say that from your posts, it seemed like you weren't running very much! I know how you are feeling about running and taking Sept off for some recoup and re-love of running. What I usually do is add more trail runs to my routine, as well as hikes and walks with friends. That way I am still getting miles in, but they are not monotonous road miles, which can get old. I know you don't live in the mountains, but maybe just changing it up a bit and making it more fun is the answer (running some 5ks/with friends/on different terrain).


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