Thursday, October 4, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. My little sister came up for pizza last week and promised to introduce us to a Tunisian style pizza.  I was a little skeptical since it was going to have tuna in it.  Surprisingly it was really good.  Sorry no pictures.  We ate it all.  It wasn't even bad the next day when I ate it cold right out of the refrigerator. We did leave off the egg.  I could handle tuna, but not so sure I could handle tuna and an egg cracked on top of the pizza.

It also had a spicy red pepper sauce on it called harissa.  The ingredients listed were :  a mix of red hot peppers, caraway, coriander, garlic and salt.  It was really good, but I don't recommend trying it plain.  Very spicy HOT!  It can also be be added to a little olive oil and then used as a bread dip.

The label had the writing in Arabic, French and English

2. I broke down and ordered a new Lulu skirt.  Not really the right time of year to be doing that, I should be thinking tights, coats and hats, but well I had a weak moment one morning one the computer.  It is black just like three others that I have, but I was just thinking the other day I really wanted another black one... Now I don't have to think that anymore :)

I think it is pretty cute, and simple.  and I probably won't be able to wear it until April.  I am so not ready for winter.

3.  I haven't wrote anything about Rocky Ballerina One-Dot lately, but he is doing good and is fully in pouncy crazy kitten mode.  Your feet are not safe in this house.  We have a lot of fun laughing at his antics.  My husband keeps asking when I am going to transition the cat outside.  ... (flies buzzing sound)

He's like my baby, I can't just throw Rocky outside with my wildcats!

Remember when he was little and helpless?!
 Look how big he is now!

 What is the strangest pizza you have tried?  Would you eat it again?


  1. I love Harissa! sooo good, I've not had it in a long time though, not so easy to find around here.
    *thanks God for the internet*

    strange pizza? can't way I've ever really had anything strange...

  2. That pizza sounds intriguing. I kind of want to try it. I made pizza last night, but nothing wild, just pesto, tomato, and mozz.

    Don't throw rocky outside! He's a house cat now; you saved his life! He can help keep critters out of your house :).

  3. I ate a taco pizza last week w/ sour cream on it. Surprisingly yummy!

    LOVE the skirt. It's never the wrong season to buy a skirt. Just wear it when you are on the eliptical or doing your badass pushups! ;)

  4. That pizza sounds interesting. I would love to try that. I am not picky with food. If it isn't anything too weird (like unicorn meat or innards), I will eat it. :)

    Love the skirt. Your long legs will look so good in it! :)

    The little kitty is like your baby. It is going to be really difficult for you to transition kitty outside. :)

  5. I thought Rocky was a girl?! Ooops! LOL.
    Love that Lulu skirt, but I probably wouldn't wear it until April either. It is COLD outside this morning! No snow, but it is cold.

  6. I love that skirt. I was stalking the purple one yesterday.....

  7. I can't manage an egg on the pizza either. My fav local pizza place has one with figs and cheese. Very rich and one piece is good because it is so rich.

  8. I really enjoy harissa, but it's impossible to find here in BFE.

    Rocky can't be kicked outside! He's just a little baby cat and it's COLD out there! You should tell your husband that he's been outvoted by the women of the internet and Rocky gets to stay. :)

  9. I'm not a cat person, but if I saved a kitten, there's no way I could make him an outside cat! He's so cute.

  10. Rocky is so cute!! That is the name of my oldest dog too:) I am pretty boring with my pizza choices. I have tried BBQ chicken or garlic chicken, but that's not too strange. No way for Rocky outside. I am saying this as I hear coyotes howling outside. Yikes!

  11. Rocky clearly has to stay - how cute! I've tried rice pizza before in China - the base is just cold rice pressed together and top with tomato sauce and weird toppings like squid and corn. Not for me!

  12. cute skirt and i need to get that hot sauce for my husband he is obsessed and keeps wanting more and more hot things!

  13. That's a way cute skirt. I've never worn one but I'll probably buy one soon. My current fav's are salt tabs, pro compression socks and a new running son that I can't remember the name of right now. :/ Have a fab Friday!

  14. I think the skirt was a great and much needed purchase! Please do not put Rocky outside :(


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