Monday, October 1, 2012

Run Like a Girl 5k Adventure Run Recap

I had been hesitant to sign up for an adventure run.  Usually I am pretty boring and do the 5k.  I had planned on doing it again this year, but my sisters both signed up for the adventure run and I hate to be left out so I did too :)

It started out on the same course as the 5k and about 1 mile in we took a right and went down a big hill.  It was all on trails from here.  There were 8 obstacles

1. A series of 8 boxes to jump over
2. Walking lunges from point to point (I ended up doing 32 I think)
3. Skipping from point to point
4. Rope swing
5. Bear crawls from point to point
6. Ten pushups
7. Carry a weighted ball over your head and run around a pole and back
8. Run in about 10 tires

Run back up the big hill and merge back with the 5k runners back to the finish line.

I had a lot of fun and ended up being 2nd overall.  I wish there would have been a few more obstacles, but I do think I will choose to do the adventure run again next year. The worst part of the whole race was running past the sewer smell on the way out and back!  The hordes of gnats were pretty nasty in the first mile too.  I think I may have eaten a few.

I also committed a bit of a running sin.. I wore my race shirt for the race. So sue me.  I did it last year too.  and the year before.  I bet I do it next year too.  It is the only race I do this for so I don't feel bad about it.

My sisters did it too.  I forgot to bring my camera to the race, so here is a post race pic of my sisters and I and my niece Carter.


  1. I heard if you wear your race shirt to the actual race, a puppy angel loses his wings. I hope you're happy.

    Great job with the 2nd place OA finish!

  2. Great race. Sounds like so much fun. I wish my sister ran, it would be so much fun to run with my sister. I am doing the COlor RUn they coming weekend. I am loving doing some of the fun races, it beat hitting the same pavement very day. I really wish their we're more trails runs around here.

  3. The race sounds like a lot of fun and I love the race t-shirt! I think that this is the type of race that it acceptable to wear your race shirt during the actual event. I am sure the race police won't sue you. :-)

  4. That sounds like fun...not too crazy but still a challenge! I guess there can be an exemption for you just this once with the shirt!! That was the first thing I told my sister when she had her first race..."Don't wear the shirt tomorrow!!"

  5. Congrats on 2nd overall!! That does not surprise me at all :)

    Yeah I usually do super boring races, I did a Warrior Dash this past weekend and I will be sticking to regular road races I think! It was fun, but I just love a normal running race haha.

  6. Oh my goodness! You and your sisters sure do look alike! I love the shirt and I would have wanted to wear it for the race as well. So cute!

  7. sounds like fun! congrats on second place!

  8. Love the photo! Running with sisters is the best!

  9. Love the shirts and nice job on being second overall! I love that you and your sisters did this together!

  10. I'm laughing at Kara's comment. I'd wear my shirt in a race like too. Looks like you had FUN!

  11. how awesome that it was a sibling run!!!! that sounds like a blast! and congrats on placing! i would love to do a run like this sometime!

  12. yay for running with your sisters! my favorite race ever was the spartan race i did with my little brother. congrats on placing!

  13. Great racing- congrats! I love a good obstacle race :). I wish I had sisters nearby to do races with. Looks like so much fun!

  14. Congratulations on placing 2nd overall! This sounds like a fun race and the obstacles don't sound too tough. I could handle that!

  15. That sounds like fun! Don't worry about the shirt, we won't kick you out of the running community yet, but we are watching you....


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