Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm drawing a blank

Sorry I drew a complete blank on a title for today.. maybe I will think of one later.

 Yesterday I knew it was supposed to snow or rain in the afternoon so I knew I wanted to get my run done in the morning.  Cold rain is not my ideal running situation.  Call me crazy.

I ran about a mile and a half on the road and then decided that was boring and took a cow trail instead off into the hills.  My pace was crawling along at 10 minute miles.

in case you needed to see the cow trail, looks like a trail!

As soon as I got to this gate, I stopped to rest for a minute and decide which way to go next, I turned around and then realized why my pace had been so slow.

and it looks like a gate.

I had been running more uphill then I realized.  Needless to say the way back was a lot faster!  My average for the 8 mile run ended up being 8:43 pace.  Not bad when the first four miles were right about 9:56 average.

I wonder if there are any mountain lions in those trees.  (bad running thoughts)
YAY ME!  I'm on top of the world!
 yes, I am a bit of a nerd. 
 When I started on my run I was worried I was a little over dressed and got pretty warm.  A storm started to blow in though and by the end I was fine, if not on the chilly side wishing I had my gloves.

It rained all afternoon, yay for moisture in the ground and another awesome fall run done on a new route.  I think with all the cow/ deer trails around here I could do new routes for quite awhile.

In racing news.. I think I will be doing a 5k in November, maybe even two.  That should be interesting considering the COMPLETE lack of speedwork since... August?  June maybe?

 My hips are feeling good, not 100% but on their way to it.  My right hammy is still not super happy, it seems to have moments of being aggravated.  I don't think all the hills I do help much, but I am still only running three times a week and my mileage is half of what it was.  I am okay with this and am just loving every run.


  1. I'm glad you posted pictures because I did really want to know what a gate looked like :). Sounds like a good run!

  2. You always have the best running pictures Christy. Makes me miss running on my parent's farm. I don't miss dodging the "cow pies" in the fields though. :-)

  3. Awesome run, but I agree with you "cold rain" yuck! Glad to hear you are loving every run!

  4. I dislike cold/fall rains. They are incredibly bone chilling. Ugh. Great run and I love that you took on a new adventure!

  5. Have been thinking about you lots lately - glad you had a great run. Always love your pictures.

  6. Running in the cold rain is the worst. That's the one weather type that makes me consider the treadmill :)

    I wish you could ship some of that cold Montana weather here to MD for the week. It's hot!

  7. great run, glad your hips are rounding the corner!

  8. Glad your hips are feeling much better!

  9. Keep taking care of those hips, but I'm excited that you've got some races coming up. I think the cow trails look amazing (as I always feel about your terrain).

  10. What a beautiful run. It looks so crisp and fresh outside.
    Glad you had a great run!

  11. Those hills look fun! I love running on hills and on dirt, since it really makes your legs and whole body stronger in all the different places! Last night I went for a trail run after work and it was dark by the time I was done and I saw 2 pairs of eyes looking at me from the bushes! I screamed and clapped and must have sounded like a madman! I still don't know what it was but I got away from them!

  12. Loving every run is a perfect way to be. Love your scenery.

  13. glad the hips are feeling better and I CANNOT imagine, since our temps are in the mid-80's, how on Earth you run in snow this time of year!!! Geez, guess we all want what we can't have, because at this point snow would be awesome rather than being drenched in sweat with my workouts outdoors! Still looking to find that mileage motivation I'm so desperately searching for...guess with no half marathon to train for, I'm lacking the motivation :(

  14. Love that you can mix things up like that! Okay, so who took the cute photo of you at the end? Did you have a running partner? Did Cola run with you:)


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