Sunday, October 21, 2012

ZYM Product Review

I had the opportunity to try out ZYM recently. 

They were great and not only sent me two tubes to try but also a green water bottle. and a sticker that my daughter promptly claimed as her own.  As far as I am concerned I can't have enough water bottles.  My husband doesn't agree with me on this one. 

So.. what is ZYM? It is a electrolyte replacement drink for athletes like runners and cyclists.  They also add B vitamins and are super low in sugar.  The lemon-lime has 1 gram and only 7 calories, while the berry has 4 calories and no sugar.  You can check out the product comparisons HERE.

To drink it, just add one tab to 16- 20 ounces of water depending on your preferred sweetness level. I prefer not sweet, so I tend to go more for 20 ounces.  Those 4 ounces really do make a big difference.

The Endurance is Lemon-Lime flavored and was the one I thought would like the least for the simple reason that I am usually not a lemon-lime fan. Turns out it was my favorite flavor.  I loved that it was not overly sweet tasting.

The berry or Catapult was a lot sweeter, but then I realized I only mixed with 16 oz vs 20 the first time I tried it.  I like it better with 20 ounces.  I like lighter not sweet flavors when I am running. The Catapult is different because it also has 100 mg of caffiene and 200 mg of guarana for added pep to your step.

For me, this also means I can only drink it in the morning. I am very sensitive to caffiene and if I drink it after lunch I don't sleep good that night.

I have found it on for as low as $6.60 a tube.  Not bad and comparable to what I usually use.

I have used it on runs of up to 8 miles so far for the past 2 weeks.  I give it a two thumbs up.  I wish there were more flavors because I do enjoy these two a lot but also know that I like variety.  They do make an orange flavor that is sweetened with stevia and has zero calories.  I think I shall try that next.

If you want to check them out, they are on Facebook HERE,

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Anyone else tried ZYM? The question I have do you say it?  Does it rhyme with time or tim?  My vote with time.

I was sent ZYM to try out free and was in no other way compensated for this post.  The opinions within are mine. 


  1. You should see my water bottle collection! It is huge! Between collecting running shoes and water bottles I am probably setting myself up to be on an episode of hoarders someday!

  2. i don't have enough bottles either, but the bf's kids kinda make some of my nice bottles disappear. This product may be interesting to try.

  3. You can never have too many water bottles :) Ive got way too many also.
    Ive tried ZYM last year after an impulse buy at a local running store. Im not a fan of sports drinks and occasionally will drink gatorade after long runs on hot days but hate the artificial sweetener taste of most of the stuff on the market. So water it is for me. Plus, I only like to train with what will be offered on a race course... :)

  4. Haven't heard of this one before but always great to learn about and try new electrolyte drinks. Thanks for the review. Nice bottle, too!

  5. I'd be afraid to try it with that much caffeine in it, but free water bottles are always fun!

  6. This sounds alot like Nuun which I am loving, I may have to try this out too!


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