Sunday, January 13, 2013

Active D'Lites Winner and skipping a run.

I think I said I would do is earlier, but I forgot.  Boo.
The winner of the Active D'Lites chocolate giveaway is...

Jerilee from Mom's Gone Running.  I can't figure out how to link it on my iPad, but if you want to check her out you can at

Congrats Jerilee! Email me your info to bugs2001rn@

I think I am coming down with the crud my kids had last week so I am skipping my run today and am going to take a nap instead. I think the ten degree weather outside would be a little hard on my lungs with the cough I am developing.

This little guy is keeping me company

And I have my cup of tea, as soon as its gone. I am snoozing. The kids are with my sister so the house is quiet and in prime napping condition.

Good news is that my kids are both finally fever free and and only one still has a bit of a cough. Guess it is my turn now.


  1. Bummer for being sick! Hope the nap and rest curbs it! Mmm peppermint tea looks yummy!

  2. I had to skip my Thursday run due to a stomach bug. I'm glad you have some quiet nap time. Feel better soon!!

  3. Hope you feel better! There is a lot of stuff going around. One of the kids in a class I subbed for told me seven kids were gone yesterday and so they only had 13.

  4. I hope you feel better:) Nice to have Rocky keeping you company.

  5. I'm sorry you're not feeling well- We've got this nasty cold going around our house, too.
    Yay for winning,though- I'll send you my info :). Can't wait to try it out.

  6. NO! I feel like so many people are sick right now. Something is going around here too. Hope you're feeling better today, Christy!

  7. Aw. Get better! That tea and a nap sounds good.


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