Saturday, January 12, 2013

Heated seats in cars are about as cool as thumb holes in running shirts

I couldn't think of a title today obviously so I made it really long.

It is officially winter out there!  4 degrees, windy and snowy.  As of Thursday night though I have heated seats to keep my bum warm if I have to drive around in it.  After 12 years of driving the same car, my husband and I traded in my '99 Oldsmobile Alero for a 2008 Subaru Outback.

I am personally excited about the all wheel drive and heated seats.  Other things that will be an ungrade from from my old car include

  • having a radio I can see what station I am on
  • having a radio that doesn't randomly change stations while I am rocking out to a favorite song
  • all windows go up and down
  • I can plug in my cell phone to charge
  • I have a dome light
  • completely new windshield, no cracks, pitting, chips or anything
  • I can plug my iPod into it
  • I key fob unlocker thingy
  • rear window windshield wiper
YAY! So fun to have a new (to me) car.  I would post a picture but it is dark out as I write this and cold outside, and if you haven't seen an Outback before, start looking they are everywhere!

and a little funny.  Here is the disclaimer I had to initial for my half marathon in March

This is a winter trail run with sticks and stones, gravel trails and uneven surfaces, probably ice and snow. You will slip and slide, get muddy and maybe fall down. But then you know that because you've been training some and it would be silly, and not a good idea on your part, to attempt a winter run without adequate training, clothing and preparation. So you might get hurt, but you've decided that you want to run this winter run anyway because it's better than sitting on the couch, which is also dangerous over time. Have a good time, and be careful. Also, if you are Roman, be sure to watch for conspiring senators.

Not sure yet if I will get out to run today or not.  Conditions aren't great out there right now, so it might be an elliptical cross training kind of day.  Plus I have a weighted ball and TRX system that came in the mail yesterday from Sportline that I am excited to try out.

How is the weather where you are?


  1. Oh my goodness, that disclaimer is hilarious! We hope to ne a subaru family one day! I would love an outback, Congrats on a new car!!!

  2. Your Subaru sounds like a serious upgrade! I recently just bought a new to me car and wanted heated seats, but instead I went for lowest mileage out of the Camry models I was looking at. My parents have a toyata Avalon w heated and air conditioned if I could afford that luxury :)
    Also I switched Montana races, I'm coming out in sept for the Montana half in Billings!

  3. that disclaimer is too funny! congrats on the new car! i think the outback is the most popular car here, so versatile!

  4. wahoo my computer is letting me comment again!

  5. COngrats on the new car! I've been thinking of getting a new (to me) one soon, also-- I currently drive a 2000 Nissan Pathfinder that I love to pieces, but I suspect that it's gonna start costing me money soon. I'm debating between getting another 4wd truck/SUV since I do use it so much, or going to Subaru route with AWD. You'll have to let me know what you think!

  6. BRRRRRR. Congrats on the new car and heated seats. I love my heated seats and don't know how I lived without them before:) It is in the 20's here which is cold for us. I am braving the weather to do a stair climbing clinic today. Hoping they de-ice the stairs:0

  7. It's very cold here for Southern California. I think it was 32 when I got up - I ran 10.5 miles and felt very hard core ;)

    Love seat heaters in a car. We rented a car in Florida once that had seat coolers - those were super cool (pun intended)

  8. Brrrr! The coldest temps we get in winter are about 30 degrees - and then we think it's freezing!

    This week we had a heat wave in central South Africa - hot, hot, hot! (Up to 104...) :)

  9. Cool disclaimer - it's the sort that you actually read ;)
    Have fun with your new car - those heated seats sound amazing. However I'm another Southern Hemispherian and cooling seats with wicking properties sound great to me right now!
    Hope you manage to get out for your run today!

  10. Congrats on the new car! We have 2001 Subaru Outback. It also has those wonderful seat warmers and a decent radio...but no iPod hook-up, and it's LOUD. But we tend to keep cars until they fall apart, so we're probably going to have it for a while.

    Great disclaimer on that race!

    Stay warm!

  11. Yay for a new to you car! It's such a great feeling! Weather is in the low 70s today but supposed to go back down to the 40s by next weekend (giant bummer). Hope your elliptical training goes well!

  12. Congrats on new car.
    Our weather today is unusual for Akron 60's took advantage and went for 8 mile run and a 5 mile bike ride.

  13. How fun! Yes, in your Winter conditions, heated seats are great. I always have issues with radios, not sure why. I think I am a radio jinx.

  14. Super excited for you and your new car!!!! and that race disclaimer is funny!

  15. I just got a Subaru too. Not sure what I think about the heated seats yet though!

  16. I have a 2003 Outback. I just love my Subie. It is my hiking/skiing car (and has made many trips to MT when my son was in college there) The all wheel drive is awesome on slippery roads. Congrats on your new car!

  17. Haha we drive our cars until the wheels practically fall of too! I would rather spend my money on race fees than a car payment ;-)
    That kind off disclaimer should be on every race. Love it!
    Currently it is 28 degrees outside!! We don't even know what to do with ourselves. The kids keep waiting for the pool to freeze over. Not gonna happen. I don't think. Seriously though this weather is weird and needs to go away.

  18. My husbands truck has air cooled seats. It's awesome in the summer. It blows cool air up through the seat.........No more 'leather-seat-swamp-ass'!

    Hope you like the TRX.

  19. That's quite an upgrade! Owning a car with heated seats is on my bucket list. My friend just got one with a heated steering wheel too! That disclaimer is awesome. In my opinion those type of things mean you are in for a fantastic race.

  20. Yay for a car upgrade!! I changed cars last year and cannot tell you how much i love all wheel drive!

  21. Hooray for a new car! It sounds like you will really enjoy it and I'm sure heated seats will come in handy a lot this winter.

  22. Congrats on the new car!!! Subarus are great for driving in your area during the winter. I have actually looked at them a couple of different times, but we have never purchased one. Heated seats are AMAZING. I will never purchase a new vehicle without them! It is really cold here, but probably warmer than you. I think it is 13 degrees today. :/

  23. Best. Disclaimer. Ever.

    Congrats on the new car!

  24. It has been such a cold winter. We've had multiple below 0 nights. Seat heaters are lifesavers! Congrats on the new car!


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