Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Irish Stew or Why I Am not A Foodie Blog

So I have been eating Paleo/Primal the last almost three weeks.  It takes a lot more planning for me, but I have been finding some fun things to try.  I made this Irish Stew with Sweet Potatoes recently.

In case you are curious..
 It called for a large onion and three stalks of celery chopped up and sauted in coconut oil for about ten minutes.  I don't like onions very much so I used about a third of one. You are also supposed to add two chopped carrots, but mine were frozen and already soft once they were thawed out so I elected to add them later.

Also I had froze these in large chunks so they were perfect for "stew"
I then started to slice up the mushrooms, but then realized it called for mushroom ketchup (wtf?!) put the mushrooms back in the fridge and decide I don't really like mushroom ketchup in my irish stew anyway so I don't bother looking up what it is.

Once the vegetables were "sweated" like the directions said I added the ground beef and ground elk.  Okay the directions didn't call for elk, but I like to add it in too sometimes since I have some in the freezer and its good and you can't really tell the difference in the final product.   Oh look at that I also sauted/sweated a parsnip in there too. (I like to improvise a lot when I cook)
While the burger is browning I chopped up a very large sweet potato.  I was also catching up on the Bachelor on my iPad, which is the red thing in the corner.

and since I was starting to get tired of cooking I poured a small glass of wine.

While the burger is still browning I get out the tomato paste... then I realize it calls for tomato puree... great.   (what kind of a recipe am I following mushroom ketchup and tomato puree?)  I look up what I can substitute, but get tired of reading and decide to use tomato sauce instead. 

I find this guy sleeping on some paper towels on the floor of the pantry.  He was a little put out I was taking pictures of him.  I think he thought the flash was a little bright.

Once the burger finally got brown I added the tomato sauce and sweet potato, also the carrots.
I shredded some saboy cabbage.  It is what the directions said to do.

Once the sweet potatoes are soft, serve it on top of the cabbage (see first picture)

What Rocky thinks of this post and me cooking in general.
Are you as bored as Rocky?  The stew was good although weird on the cabbage, I think it was better eaten alone.  I think there was also some thyme and parsley added, but I am too lazy to look up how much.

There you can see why I blog about running and not recipes.  Do you think you could make this based on my directions?


  1. This is probably the best "food" blog I've ever read. I cook a LOT and love cooking, and this is exactly how I follow most recipes (as suggestions).

    WHAT in the WORLD is mushroom ketchup????

  2. That looks like something I should fix. I like everything there but the cabbage.

  3. It looks delicious! I'm scared to even look up what mushroom ketchup might be, but then, I don't do fungus in general. ;)

  4. I didn't know you could freeze carrots! And I have no clue what mushroom ketchup is?? I think I could make it based on your directions but I would skip the part where you thought about mushroom ketchup :)

  5. That looks might yummy. I dont like things that take a lot of preparation time. Way to go.

  6. So funny! I'm like you--better off in the running arena than the foodie arena. But I am still impressed with it! Are your kids eating this way with you?

  7. I could and I might and I cannot BELIEVE how big Rocky is now!

    That stew looks awessome! Is elk similar to moose, or to venison? I like both. They are so lean.

  8. My kind of cooking by far! (and yes, I think I could make my own version using your recipe. No elk though!)

  9. I could totally make it based on your directions you cook like me!
    I loved this post.

  10. Mushroom ketchup, that's a new one for me. I'll have to look that up! :)

    The stew looks good. I'm like you and just improvise recipes... Much better that way!

  11. Michael and I have tried all natural diets from time to time, but it always seems too expensive, too much planning, and too much trouble. All excuses, yes. But we actually have found some pretty good things from time to time on those diets. Mostly we do best when we eliminate as much wheat as possible, but that's really tough to do and still run.

  12. LOve this --- "I was also catching up on the Bachelor on my iPad, which is the red thing in the corner."
    I do that all the time.

    I have no idea what is mushroom ketchup....

  13. I love anything with sweet potato in it!


  14. I could totally make it based off of your directions! I have made something similar before, minus the sweet potatoes. I don't think I could get my husband to eat those if I cooked them. He is pretty picky...

  15. Absolutely I could make this based off your directions! I am constantly only half reading recipes and then getting half way in and realizing that I don't have some of the ingredients! You did great improvising!


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