Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sportline Weighted Resistance Ball Review

I was given the opportunity to review a couple of Sportline's products and the Weighted Resistance Ball is one of them.  I have wanted to try a weighted ball for awhile so I was really excited to try this out. It came with an instructional dvd, a poster with 10 exercises on it and a little hand pump to inflate the ball.

A little woodcutter action.  Side lunge and pick it up

stand up, lift the ball and twist over to the side.  Repeat.  Great exercise.

I don't belong to a gym and I haven't for almost 7 years.  I do all my workouts at home, I consider this a great addition to my home gym.  The weighted part of the ball is 5 pounds of sand that shifts around as you move it forcing you to work harder.  I love it.  I am always looking for ways to incorporate it into my workouts for a little added resistance. The size of the ball also makes storage easy.

Here are some of my other favorite moves with it.

Ball pass.  Great absercise.
Sumo squats with knee up and ball to the knee.  These really work the shoulders.

Lunge back and triceps
I find it really versatile.  The shifting sand makes me work extra hard to keep stabilized.  It is also great for doing planks on.

Do you use a weighted ball when you work out?  I never had before, but I do now.
If you do, what are your favorite moves with it?

I was sent the Weighted Resistance Ball to review free of charge but was in no other way compensated for this post.  Be looking for my reviews on their Quick Adjust Suspension X trainer and heartrate monitor as well.


  1. I would love to try out weighted balls at home. I always feel awkward using some of this equipment at the gym because I'm sure I look awkward as I'm trying to make sure I have proper form

  2. Looks like a fantastic addition to your home gym! I do a lot of those exercises with my stability ball, but it isn't weighted. I love to use the medicine balls in FGF. I usually go for the 15# ball so my arms are on fire at the end.

  3. Cool! I do have a Ugi ball that is weighted and I love it! I bet the sand moving really makes the workout extra hard:)

  4. You are in amazing shape! You look like the fitness models in the magazines. Nice work, girl!

    Never tried a weighted ball, but I think they have one at my gym, so I should try it out.

  5. Looks awesome! I need more weight equipment at home.

  6. You are in a wonderful shape! Love the arms in that sumo squat pose picture.
    Love it that you do all your workouts at home too - goes to show that you can get into good shape without the gym! :)
    I think I have the Kettle Ball or something like that. I am also using my baby to do squats.

  7. Great review!!! I love those balls. I would love to have one at home!

  8. Awesome. Would love to try this.

  9. awesome review and need one of these for our workout room! great workout ideas for it too, thanks!!


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