Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Motivation

 It is that day again..Monday!  So many people dread it, I usually have Mondays off so I kind of rather like Monday, and even when I did work Monday I didn't mind it so bad because then it meant I only had to work two more days that week.  There are benefits to working three days a week.  Lots of them really, but I   digress.

I found a couple motivational pictures this morning on Favorite Run on Facebook.

Love that.  It is so easy to get into a pattern of easy comfortable pace running, but if I want to get faster and go farther faster I know things have to get a little uncomfortable.  I am going to have to push my limits.  Luckily through the years I have learned that I can get uncomfortable and survive.

Every year I learn to push it a little more. I learn my body is capable of so much more than I thought it was.  I have learned to push through the pain and discomfort because I know I can handle it.

I found this picture on Favorite Run also

 Makes me think of some of the races I have done where it all just seemed to come together.

and finally this one my aunt sent my husband after a discussion with him about the women in our family.  They were talking about how well our Cola dog listens and obeys.  He wanted to know if there were any tricks to getting his wife (me) to listen and obey as well as Cola does.

I laughed really hard when I saw it.  My Aunt assured my husband there isn't much hope as I come from a long line of hard headed women.

Do you feel like you are able to step out of your comfort zone in running to push yourself harder more now than when you started or even a year ago or do you feel like you get stuck in the comfort zone all too often?


  1. Love those quotes--all great ones! I am definitely pushing harder this year than I ever have, which feels really good at the age of 47! And my body is handling it beautifully. I have learned there's more in there than we all think and we just have to push to find it.

  2. This is great!! I love all of the quotes, especially the last one! Hehe! Thanks for the inspiration! I don't always love stepping out of my comfort zone, but sometimes it's necessary for improvement!

  3. Love these quotes!! I can so relate to the first one! Seeing a lot of people from my running group this weekend I was reminded that I need to start pushing myself...get over my fear of what might happen and strive for great!

  4. Love the quotes! Now I'm going to have to hunt for the source of the second one through my many texts by Aristotle... I want to know in which one he calls humans featherless bipeds!

  5. Loved the first quote from Pre. I feel like last year I pushed myself harder, but this year it has been harder for me to do so. I think that overtime I will push myself more, but I keep thinking I will injure myself again. I need to stop holding myself back so much! Hopefully it is just a mental thing that will eventually go away.

  6. People who know me well say I get stuck in the comfort zone all the time! :-) But I'm being forced out of it now! So maybe I'll concentrate more on that later... Ha that one made me laugh too, thanks!

  7. Those are great quotes. I definitely hold myself back. I tell myself that I'm slow, that I'm not improving my times, that I'm not consistent enough, that I'm not "really" a runner. When I let all of that go, I surprise myself.

  8. Great quotes, thanks for sharing!
    I felt I pushed hard for the first time in my last race as I tried to keep up with a girl a few metres ahead of me. Now I know I can do it I'll do it again.
    I love the flying feeling - I've experienced that on some trail runs but only on the downhills so far!

  9. Love the quotes - especially the first one. I continue to push myself out of my comfort zone - thanks in no small part to my running coach. It's hard but I like the results :)

  10. That last one is so great that I'm putting it on Facebook! Hysterical; love it!


  11. Thanks for the motivation, even though I am reading this on a Friday. It still is helpful! I tend to vacillate between comfort zone and non-comfort zone. I do find myself (especially in winter when it's dark) running the same route, at about the same pace, every time. Then sometimes I do a speed work or a different route and it just feels great, even though it's challenging. I need to remember that feeling and get out of my zone more often!


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