Thursday, February 21, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Green

1.  things are much funner to own when they aren't constantly getting lost. I am starting to think my iPod has a life of its own.  I lost it for a week about a month ago and then found it a week later in the pocket of a coat, I was sure it was somewhere else.  Two weeks ago I lost it again and yesterday I found it under the passenger seat of my car.  I was sure I had checked there already several times.

When I know where it is I do really like this iPod, maybe it is a little on the small side for me since I keep losing it though.  I like it's small size, it fits really easily into the pocket on my Handful bra when I am running.  I also love that it has radio.  I think the earbuds it came with are pretty nice too. and I love the pretty green color.

I don't like that that charger port is a different size from my old iPod and iPad.  Really?  Did they have to go and mess with that after all these years?

2.  I had a pretty great run yesterday.  I did an easy 4 and then decided to kick it up a notch.  The next mile was at 7:01 which I found a little annoying and decided I wanted a mile in the 6s.  So the next one was 6:36.  and yes it did hurt a little! I finished with a couple of 400 intervals for a total of 7.5 miles.

There is a lot of snow on the ground here still, but I am starting to feel like soon it will be spring and things will start getting green again.  YAY

3. Speaking on green.  I think it is my favorite color right now. My lil sis and I found these great running shirts on Gap over the weekend, they were even on sale for President's Day.  YAY

Saucony also has some really great green shirts out right now and on sale for 50% off, so tempting to order one and make my running attire greener!  I am so tired of black, white, blue, and grey.  if I wore pink much I would be tired of that too.  Why is that all running clothes seem to come in.  BORING

Keeping with the green theme, I found these on
so pretty and I love the heart.  has anyone else tried these socks?  How do they compare to PROcompression?  I know they have some neon green socks out right now, but I kind of like this clover green a little better.

What's your color obsession right now?  Do you get tired of seeing running clothes in all the same colors all the time?  I DO!


  1. That's really ironic, because lately I've also been LOVING green! (And you should wear it, cupcake. We know you look AWESOME in it with your hair & skin tone.) I've also been loving hot pink and also lace lately. NO idea why.

    As for the Ipod, I like Cole's too. When he lets me use it. Stinker. I have all the fun gadgets on my cell phone though, so it's fine.


  2. I have those socks in teal. I like them, though they do not come close to comparing to my CEP socks in terms of compression (I don't have ProCompression so can't compare there).

    The only beef I have with them is that the heart only really looks good if your calves are around the size of the models in the photo. Mine are by no means big, but they are muscular and that heart stretches out in a really funny way. I could never wear the socks on their own with shorts or a skirt for that reason - it just looks goofy. But under long tights in the winter - they are awesome for me :) And a really reasonable price.

  3. I love that running shirt!! I am going to look and see if they have more:) I prefer bright running clothes, but you are right, they are hard to find. Glad you found your ipod:)

  4. Green is my favorite color of all time. I go out of my way to buy green clothes :) but I do like to switch it up when I work out and have a rainbow of possibilities- tops/bottoms to wear.

    You are super speedy in the snow! So crazy you can run that fast with snow on the ground.

  5. I got my husband that Ipod for Christmas. He doesn't run though so for him it's pretty easy to deal with. I like the radio portion. Sometimes when I go to bed I'll listen to a UK basketball game. That way I don't have to watch tv.

    LOVE the socks. Too bad a great compression company can't provide some killer, loud designs.

  6. Awesome run yesterday Christy, that has got to geel good. :) My Birthday is on St. Patricks day so I love, love, love green. I might have to check out those socks.

  7. Speedy run! You're awesome. I need to do some speed training - I put it off because it intimidates me. :-(

    I have a few bright running shirts - purple, pink, & one blue. I far prefer them over my boring blacks & whites. Green is an obsession color at our house, because our little guy was born on St. Patrick's Day. He went through a phase where he wore green every day. Like, probably for a year. He's (mostly) beyond that, but I have a feeling we'll be getting festive with the green here soon enough again. :-)

    LOVE those socks!

  8. I LOVE that gap top!

    I have found the PROCompression socks to be much more compress-y than the Running Skirts brand.

  9. How often do you change your favourite colour? I thought you had to stick with just the one.

  10. I am a woman so I reserve the right to change my mind at any time.

  11. Nice workout!

    I actually do not know where my ipod is. I haven't used it in probably 18 months or so. Crazy!

    I love green. It is one of my favorite colors. It also pairs well with pink which is my most favorite color.

  12. I just ordered 2 tanks from Gap- my color seems to be purple these days.

  13. Too funny about your ipod! Glad you found it! Loving all of the great running attire! I do have a few pair of Running Skirts compression socks but I don't have any pro compression so I can't compare the two. I like my RS socks, though! :0) Have a great weekend!

  14. I think Running Skirts and Pro Compression socks are really similar. I agree with the commenter above that CEP take the cake and are worth every penny. I think they have green too.

    I have to keep my earphones on my iPod. That way I won't lose it:)

  15. Oooh the green is fun! I just wear the same old running clothes every time. The only thing that is bright in my life is the free shirts I get from races! The last one I got was PINK! It's not my favorite color, but you will bet that I will wear it!


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