Friday, February 22, 2013

XTRAIN Hard Strikes workout review

I was sent the XTRAIN Hard Strikes Exercise DVD to review. 

I was excited it was a Cardio Boxing/Kickboxing DVD, I used to do kickboxing and loved it. 

Things I liked
  • easy to follow
  • not a lot if any time wasted explaining how to do moves
  • fast paced
  • not annoying to workout to
  • minimal equipment
Things I didn't like
  • I wish I could have tried this with the boxing gloves, I think I would have got more out of it.  I really tried hard to punch hard, but by the end of the workout they weren't tired at all.
  • I didn't feel like the 30 minutes of warmup/Cardio Boxing/Kickboxing gave me a workout at all.  I wasn't breathing any harder than I would if I had gone for a 30 minute walk. 
  • How long it was. 
Things I loved
  • the almost 12 minutes of conditioning were my favorite 12 minutes of the whole thing.  My arms were burning! I will be doing this segment again and again.
  • The Bonus Core set was also awesome, this part will also be repeated
  • I really liked all the bonus sets really

I think I liked these parts better because I am used to doing HIIT workouts which work me really hard for 10-20 minutes and then I am done. Sweaty and worn out. I am not used to doing longer less intense workouts.  Time is an issue!

Here is a breakdown of the segment times

I like that there are so many different workout combinations, but as long as some of these premixes are, for me it is a bit of a turn off, but I would rather run and then do a shorter more intense workout. Here are some of the combinations with the bonuses.

  I do love all the options though.  I wish I had a Heavy Bag, hitting things is fun.

 I would try other DVDs in the series, especially if they all had great bonus sections and conditioning like this one did.  I haven't done a workout DVD in years because usually I hate how long they take to demonstrate moves and I start to find the instructor annoying.  Neither was true here.

I would love to hear from people who have done other DVDs in this series and what they thought.  My daughter is a huge fan and keeps requesting to do it.

There are 9 other DVDs in the XTRAIN series.  You can check them out here.

I was sent this DVD to review and was not required to give a positive review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Great review. I have never tried this workout DVD (mostly because they annoy me), but you listed some great pros and cons from it. I would probably like the bonus tracks more too. I am all about anything ab related right now.

  2. I love kickboxing but I have found that when I use the DVDs or I've even tried one of those stand alone bags that you fill up with dirt or water in the base it's never as good as actually hitting a Heavy Bag.

  3. I've never tried Cardio Boxing/Kickboxing before. I think yours is the 3rd blog I've recently read that mentioned Cathe DVD's!

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