Friday, February 1, 2013

Four for Friday

1.  I had to go to the dentist yesterday after work. I chipped a tooth before Christmas and a molar sometime last year...yeah I know I should have addressed that sooner but it hasn't bothered me.  Clearly I was overdue for a cleaning. I was a little terrified of what he might tell me.

I sort of hate needles and drills in my mouth and have a bad habit of passing out..

 Luckily it will be all easy fixes and my teeth look great!  Yay no new cavities, I just have to go back to have the back molar fixed.

2.I just finished Lost on Netflix.  Now I need a new show to watch while cooking.  Any great suggestions?  Anyone else a little disappointed with the way Lost ended?

3.  Today is my third day of work in a row.  I know poor me.  I usually break it up a little during the week.  I also don't usually run on work days unless I get off work early.  When we have all the surgeries done and are ready for the next day, we get to leave. Pretty nice really.

I am hoping very much to get off work early so I am going to wear my running clothes to work.  I can do this since I change into scrubs (pajamas) once I get there.

4. I have been good about getting my HIIT workouts in this week and the best part is I have even been getting my husband to do them with me.  I am on ZCUT 5, we did it last night.  That was a tough one and on top of it I threw The newest ZWOW.  I let my husband think they were supposed to be done together.  We were both wiped when we were done.  Love it!


  1. I totally get how working 3 days in a row is hard. This is my second week of having school or work or my internship 5 days a week and I am walking dead girl! I hope you get in a nice run today!!

  2. I've been watching Alias on Netflix. It's really good. I apparently missed a lot of good shows in the early 2000s.

  3. I have been watching Scandal on Netflix - so good!!!

  4. You have a had a busy week! I absolutely HATE the dentist! I avoid that place if at all possible. Great job on the workout videos, glad that you are like them. I hope you have a time for a run today. TGIF sweet friend!

  5. Ouch it would seem to me that it would be hard to chip a molar.. I think every profession should have their own version of scrubs I would love to wear that to work! Hope you get a run in!

  6. 1. I second Alias. I watched it when it was on TV, and I loved it again when I rewatched it. BUT, fair warning, like Lost, it's a JJ Abrams show, so if the ending of Lost was annoying........

    2. And it was really annoying. That one I also watched on TV, and man. LAME. It's like JJA forgets that he's working on something, and moves on to something else.

    3. I also really like Scandal, but there are not a lot of episodes out yet.

    4. I've been rewatching Amazing Race, the old seasons, on Hulu.

  7. I want to start Scandal and Bones next.
    Right now, I am watching a brainless, mindless cheesy college series called Greek. Guilty pleasure.
    And I am watch On The Line - about fashion.

  8. I was a huge "Lost" fan, and I do not get the ending. To this day. I am rewatching the series on Netflix (need something on treadmill), and I'm hoping to gain more insight. I've been watching "Downton Abbey" and slowly getting into it.

    I also did my first ZWOW yesterday (31), and it was killer. I'm fairly new and could probably search archives but I'd love to know how you incorporate the HIIT workouts and the benefits you've seen.

  9. Do you watch Once Upon a Time?

    I watched all of Friday Night Lights on Netflix. Nothing like Lost, but a great show.

  10. I haven't been to dentist in 3 years ( i know right?) I actually am making an appt for later this month, lets hope i'm cavity free as well.

    a good show i LOVE LOVE LOVE with twisting plots is revenge. It comes on right after Once Upon a time that Kim mentioned. It will definitely keep you on your toes.

  11. Ugh the ending of Lost was so disappointing!

    I hear Homeland and Mad Men are good - planning to check them out myself.

  12. I hate the dentist...I mean really...last time I cried in the kidding...

    ok TV
    1. Parenthood. a must.
    2. Nashville
    3. Revenge
    4. if you have not seen Friday night that. was almost impossible to have a good end to this complicated story and also to please I was not dissapointed BUT I did have many questions!!!

  13. I love Lost but I am still confused by the ending, I am not sure if they all really died in the crash and it was all a dream or what?! The sideways world really got me wondering! lol
    I actually just started watching Desperate Housewives on Netflix. I used to watch it and stopped after like the 5th season but now that it's over I am curious how it ended lol
    There are a TON of good shows out there right now. So many to recommend!

  14. The husband and I spent a couple of months last year watching Lost on Netflix. Loved it but was definitely not happy with the ending.
    I also recommend Friday Night Lights.

  15. I'm catching up on a few posts here. 1) I am also not a foodie! I know it's the thing these days, and I like a good meal, but...I'm just not that girl. 2) I feel sorry for myself if I have to do speed work without a track. Snow is a whole other story! Your splits are awesome with the snow. Way to go on those 800s. 3) I LOVE the off-season clothing scores!!

  16. I want to wear scrubs to work! I really like Top Chef and I think there are 7 or 8 seasons so you will have plenty to keep you entertained. Also Parenthood is good. Other than that, I usually just put the Food Network on in the background for noise when I am cooking.


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