Monday, February 18, 2013

Such a Proud Moment

I had such a proud mommy moment Saturday when my son did his first 4-H demonstration.  He did so good.  As a Cloverbud, which is basically pre 4-H he isn't judged as hard of course but he still got perfect scores from both judges.  He was a bit nervous but pulled it off like a champ.  I have to admit watching him do his demonstration was such an awesomely proud mommy moment. So I took him for ice cream afterwards.

My little sister and I couldn't sneak away for our long run until after 2 pm, but the weather was awesome so I couldn't complain.  I suppose I could have run without her, but what fun would that be. We did 12 miles and I am pretty sure the dogs did twice that.  We had to stick to the county roads due to mud.  The county road wasn't too bad but the lesser traveled field roads were mud bogs probably.

My sister wasn't really feeling it Saturday so we just took it nice and slow and did our 12 in 1:53, which really wast bad at all.  It was probably a really good pace, it felt comfortable for me the whole way and I felt like I could have kept rolling down the road.  makes me feel pretty good for the half marathon next month, at least I know I can finish!

We had three babies over the weekend so far, a heifer and two bulls.  Seriously love calves and their cute little faces.  Especially black baldy babies..a freaking dorable.  I promise a picture soon!

Sunday I was going to do an easy run, but the weather was not friendly.. so instead I took a nap and spent an hour on the elliptical.  Afterwards I talked my husband into doing a HIIT with me.  Fun.

Other people who thought napping was a great idea yesterday. Little Cowgirl and her babies.

and Rocky Ballerina Windshield One-Dot aka Puddy was also noted to have slept the whole afternoon away, he was a little annoyed I disturbed him for this picture.

The funny thing about our crazy snowy, cold super windy day yesterday was that 20 miles away in Billings it was sunny 41 and beautiful from what I heard. Here I think it only warmed up to 31 with winds in the 20s.  Yuck.

How was your weekend.  Did you get in a good nap and a good run?


  1. I'm a fan of the Sunday nap as well! Sometimes those are the best choices!

  2. I was in 4H too! The little guy is so cute. I grew up on a sheep farm, so this time of year is lambing time and I can relate to seeing all the cute babies (although it is a lot of work).

  3. Sounds like a pretty great weekend to me!

    I probably should have gotten a nap in, but instead I just completely crashed at like 9pm on Saturday.

  4. Congrats for your son! I have so many great memories of 4-H. I always did a presentation every year at the fair. One year I dressed up like a cow- my mom made me the costume. :-)

    Baby calves are pretty freaking cute!

  5. I ant wait to see photos of the babies!

    Your son is so adorable and looks so comfortable presenting :)

  6. Aw- congrats to your boy! What a cutie! Love the picture of your daughter sleeping with all her babies :).
    Nothing quite like finishing a long run feeling like you could just keep on going.

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  8. aww can't wait to see photos of the babies!!

    everytime i read about your weather i'm convinced i made the best decision to come to montana in the fall :)

  9. I did 12 this weekend too in my fastest time yet for that distance despite some icy conditions. It was sunny here and no wind but still around 20.

    So cool that you can run with your sis often!

  10. WTG little man! That's definitely a great mommy moment!! Glad you got your run in too. Congrats on the new cows!

  11. OMG, a nap right now sounds like a great idea. I really want a cup of coffee, though...oh the problems I have today.
    I don't know what happened, but this is the first blog post of yours I've seen in a long time! I switched from blogger, maybe that was it, I'm not sure. Anyway, I look forward to reading again! I'm subscribed by e-mail, too :)

  12. It's been cold and windy here to. Congrats on the little calves. We've had 4 babies so far. They are so darn cute. My boys showed at the Beef Expo this weekend. One hiefer got 3rd in its class and the other hiefer got 1st in its class. All in all a great weekend her. Congrats to your little boy i know that is not easy. I wish i could talk my hubby in to doing HIIT with me. That is so cool that he will do it with you. JEALOUS. Take care

  13. I so remember the 4h demonstrations. I did a fancy veggie tray with mini beets cut like roses lol!! I am also a big Sunday nap person :)

  14. Such cute pics and I love RED ants on a log too... my nephew did his first little kindergarten presentation about ants on a log and that is when I first learned about them cause he practised on me! haha so fun and good that you got to be there too.

    I would love to see pics of the babies! Can almost smell the moist hay and the warm calf breath....

    I did Joanna Runs triathlon over the weekend. Fun!

    Rocky is sure one lucky PuddyTat. :)

  15. Awww congrats to your son! Love those proud mama moments :)

  16. That is such a cute picture of your son--I would have been proud too.

    We had a long weekend here due to Presidents' Day. I got in a 10-mile run on Saturday and a four-mile one yesterday, and also a nap yesterday (which was a good thing because coughing boy kept me up in the night last night). Today I have a speed workout planned. Better go get changed for that....

    Have a great week, Christy!

  17. Congrats to your little dude! That's awesome! I live for naps but I rarely get them these days with twin 4 year olds ;)


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