Monday, April 1, 2013

Looking back, Looking ahead

March in review..

Overall I would say March was pretty good.  I felt really good about my running and I managed to rack up 151 miles in my running shoes which is the most since last June.

I did one race the Run to the Pub Half Marathon.  I felt good about my time given the training to date.  Last fall when I decided to do the race I wanted it to be a PR attempt.  But between winter running in general (snowy bad roads) and seeming to be constantly sick in December and the beginning of January, and some lower back pain it just didn't happen.  I am okay with that, there will be other halfs!

I did also participate in two virtual runs.. the Team Gabby virtual run and the 2nd Annual Running with Spatulas 10k, 5k, and photo contest.   Here is one of the pictures that I didn't submit.  This is what happens when your camera has a self timer and you have time on your hands.  I turn into a weirdo.

I retired one pair of running shoes and added two more pairs.  I am going to be retiring two more pairs by the end of April probably, but when you have as many shoes in the line up as I do it takes awhile to wear them out so they might not really retire.

I have been doing 3-4 ZWOW's or Bodyrock type workouts a week pretty consistently and seeing some results I think. 

Sadly... the freaking sugar monster seems to have taken over my life and the jeans don't lie, they never do, the results there aren't as pretty.  5 lbs in two months.  Aaack!  I think partly it has been some stress eating.  Time to get serious again now that I have a house full of Easter candy... right.. 

Running in general feels good right now, I feel recovered from the half marathon and ready to tackle the next thing.  I am going to be focusing on speed work for the next month.  Intervals, fartleks, the dreaded tempo run. 

Next up..
So next weekend originally was going to be another half marathon, but they rescheduled to OCTOBER.  who does that 7 weeks out from the race? so I found a 5k on Sunday April 7th. 

April 13th will be another 5k. 

April 28 Peaks to Prairie.  I will be doing the 9.3 mile leg of the run, bike, paddle course. 

How was your March?
Any exciting April plans?


  1. I am dealing with a sugar monster, too. Last night, I felt miserable. I need to hide my Easter basket. It's just taunting me!

  2. Ditto on the sugar! I've changed some food things up this month, so we'll see how that helps!

  3. Nice mileage Christy! I am glad that running is feeling good right now and that you found some races to run.

    I have been doing fairly good with the sugar monster, but it is hard when I want to eat everything in sight right now! UGH. Dumb marathon training.

    My March was good. I almost ran the same amount of miles I did last March. I think I hit 183 this year, last year was a touch over 200. April should be a good month. I have my San Francisco racecation coming up this weekend and a secret race I signed up for. Plus my last 3 long runs!!!

  4. Um you don't look like the sugar monster has gotten you. Some kind of monster has gotten to me too and I am gaining as well. UGH! I blame it on being sick, not running as much, and yet I'm still eating like I'm running. Grrr.

    You look fabulous and so strong - even in that pic!!!

  5. Awesome! I think you did fantastic mileage wise and you look great. I have a run coming up on 04/20 called the Cahoots Challenge, its a 4 mile run w/obstacle course. It shall be interesting :)

  6. I know the sugar monster has taken over my life. Need to get it together and focus on a good week.

  7. You had a great month! I understand what you mean about the sugar monster! Ugh. Love the self timer photo!!

  8. I busted into the leftovers from my kids baskets last night. I even had a Dr. Pepper with the chocolate. I really go all in when I fall off the cliff. So, I know how ya feel and you're right, jeans don't lie :)

    I can't believe that postponed that race so close it. I mean heck.

  9. Great mileage! Only 71 miles for me in March but that's post-injury/during recovery so I'm thankful for every mile that I log!

    I'm doing the Aquarium 10k with the group that I coach this weekend. And the Camp Barnabas half marathon in Springfield, Mo on the 20th. It will be my first half since December/my injury, so I am a little nervous but excited.

  10. Your running is going amazingly! Any plans for another full marathon?!

    I'm just desperate for spring to properly appear - it's still freezing here!

  11. What? Rescheduled till Oct? Wtf, not cool!

    That tempo run truly is awful. I dread it every time.

    Sounds like a pretty good month! I swear sugar is more addicting than crack. Not that I would know. But I bet.

  12. I know for a fact there is absolutely no point worrying about sugar until after Easter!
    Good luck with your speedwork and your upcoming races. I'm hoping to squeeze in a 5k this month so I can reset my training paces.

  13. I started Laura's sugar detox today and another Whole30 - sugar monster ACK!

  14. I think my most recent blog title speaks for itself "Must.Stop.Eating.Easter.Candy" Like you said, the jeans don't lie. I can work out like a hard core beast, but it can't compete with throwing down tons of candy. Also, it makes me feel lethargic, which is no runner's friend.

    Overall, march was great, & I PR'd in a half, but I'm still not running as consistently as I'd like, & I really need to clean up my eating. ;-)

  15. Will you run the Montana Marathon or half in September?

  16. I thought I was going to kick the sugar today and then I went into work and there was Cheese Cake in the break room for someones birthday. It was so delicious!

  17. Lol love your spatulas. Seriously I'd be totally furious if someone rescheduled my race for 7 months down the road.... no way!

  18. "And I turn into a weirdo."<---Thats my favorite thing about you! (And me!) :)


  19. I love your yellow spatulas! Great job on the miles last month! You are pretty impressive, especially since you have had snow much of the time!

  20. Good luck with your races this month! Allan and I are both shedding some extra pounds right now too. Sugar is my weakness!


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