Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Monday and Tuesday this week gave us an icy blast of winter.  My car doors were iced shut Monday morning and it was COLD out.   A bit of a bummer with all the lovely spring weather we have been enjoying, but it is only April and this is Montana.  Last year we had 4 inches of heavy wet snow Memorial Day weekend.

I love spring, it feel so good to start enjoying warmer weather and be able to unlayer the clothes and start feeling the sun shining on my arms and legs after having them bundled up all winter. 

Shine.  I seem to be in love with that word lately.  First it was this song by Florida Georgia Line.."Get your shine on"

Then I heard this one on the tv series Nashville

and this weekend I took my daughter to a movie and I was loving that the closing song of the movie was another "shine" song.

and recently the Handful girls put out a video, I think it really show them getting their shine on.  I love this company. They are going to be moving their manufacturing to the US and will be needing some help.

I think starting in May they will be doing a Kickstarter type campaign where you can preorder the orange and green bras.  I am so excited.  I am on a green obsession this year and I need that green bra.  Handfuls are pretty much all I wear, so I am pretty excited for new colors.  Handful helps me get my shine on. I have never felt as confident in any other bra as I do in this one.

Things that I feel like I either make me "shine"
being a mommy
my job, love being an OR nurse

What is your favorite word this year?
What makes you get your shine on?


  1. I love Georgia Florida Line. I get my shine on when i'm with my twin sister or running with my running friends.

  2. oh i love me some handful, makes me look like a girl when I run :) ok or maybe I wear it pretty much all the time, whatever don't judge.

    I admit I always love your pictures, but then you mention ice and i"m ok with being in florida

  3. i need to update my increase my handful collection- so awesome to know about the new colors rolling out!

  4. I love Georgia Florida Line too! Green is a great color on redheads.

  5. Handfuls is such a great name for a bra line too!

    www thinfluenced.com

  6. I love the name of the company but I havent tried their bras yet... I should cause all I wear are soorts bras lol. You need green to match all your greeb stuff :)

  7. I like shine! Such a happy word! Snow on Memorial Day? That's crazy!!

  8. My favorite: Keith Urban, also has a song called Shine!
    A work I like lately is lovely...

  9. Reminds me if the Take That song "shine". It's a very positive, up beat, affirming song :)

  10. Such a happy word. Shine! And I love the new Handful video too.

  11. Love spring - especially the first run outside without jacket, hat and gloves:) I love handful!

  12. LOVE spring!! My girls, my hubby, my students, and running helps me get my shine on!! I really need to try one of those handfuls out!!!

  13. I love Spring, although it hasnt reached Chicago yet- we might even get some snow this weekend!! :( I havent heard those songs yet- but really love the word Shine lately too. As much as I dont like Rhianna, I like "Shine Bright like a diamond."

  14. Favorite word? Hmmm hadn't thought about it....I do really like "goodbye" when it's being said at the end of the workday and it's time to go home! The weather here is ridic - last week it was in the 30s/40s, and yesterday it was 90!


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