Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Not to be kept down

I was headed out the door, but was waiting on my daughter so I opened Facebook on my phone and there it was.  Two bombs exploded near the Boston marathon finish line, there were limbs and blood everywhere.  I keep reading waiting for a punch line.  I scrolled down only to more of the same.  It wasn't a joke.

Someone made a beautiful event have a very ugly moment. Someone took their hate and cast it into an event that is about personal triumph for runners from all over the USA and the world.  Someone wants us to live in fear.

Americans and the people of Boston did not let the terrorists have the last word.  They did what the people of this country do so well in the face of disaster.  Rose up. People ran to help the victims.  Homes were opened up.  Blood was donated.  Prayers from all over were sent. 469 runners contiuned to finish. 

I am heartbroken and take it personally even though I was not there and had no close friends or family there.  I am a runner and someday still would love to qualify for and run Boston. My run earlier in the day had felt so inspired by the women I had earlier watched running with such strength and speed. 

So today I will be wearing my one and only marathon shirt under my scrubs.  It will make me hot and not be as comfortable as going with out, but everytime I think to complain I will think instead of Boston and what those runners and their families had to go through.  I will think of the victims who were unable to walk away and those are unable to run today. I will pray they catch the people responsible and that it doens't happen again.

I am thankful for my family and took extra time with both of my kids last night just to be in the moment with them.   

I am hoping to find some time to run, but between work today and 4-H stuff tonight I don't know that I will, so maybe tomorrow when I will have more time.

Prayers for Boston and runners everywhere. Keep letting your light shine. 


  1. I am doing the same...my shirt will be under my scrubs. This is all so crazy.

  2. Me too. My marathon shirt will be under my work shirt. Hugs to you, Christy.

  3. Me also. I pulled on an old race shirt and am heading out for a walk in tribute (as I ran last night.) So, so sad... But we will heal. We will come together. And rise up. And pull through. God bless, Boston- and all of us.


  4. I have on a race shirt and all 21 students of mine wore purple and race bibs! I am proud to be a runner!!

  5. I wore my marathon shirt today as well and thought of Boston all day. It's still so hard to process all of it.

  6. Very well said. I wore a 'Run' shirt that happened to be the blue and yellow colors for Boston Marathon. I plan on wearing others under my work shirts all week. I've never had a desire to run a marathon, but now I want to run Boston :) Not sure how long that feeling will last, but right now it's strong.

  7. I wore my shirt today too. Just doesn't seem real...but the running community is AMAZING!

  8. I wore one of my 1/2 marathon shirts today too. Probably a little more casual than I should have today - but it felt good. It felt great to feel like a runner all day and feel connected to this amazing community!


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