Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. I think my little Cola dog is very happy that we are back home.  We got in a pretty easy paced 10 miles this morning.  I felt pretty done by the last mile, but my strained quad was feeling good so I call it a good run.
2.  I turned on my Garmin this morning and left it in the window to find satellites while I finished getting ready to run, when I came back to it, there was a blank screen.  Ugh.  My first thought was dead battery, even though I had it plugged in yesterday.  I made a couple of attempts to plug it in, but I could never get it to do anything or connect to my computer.  I finally got it to rest, but then had nothing but weird things on the screen.   I reset it three more times before finally it decided to work. and it had a full battery. 

Not really sure what the deal was. It worked fine yesterday.

I hope this isn't the beginning of the end for my watch.  It did work for my run and held pretty consistent with MayMyRun app on my phone, so I am hoping it is fine.

3. I got this super bright orange shirt and am rather in love with it, except my orange compression socks are not bright enough for it.  So as soon as I came home from my run I ordered the neon orange. Not the greatest picture, but you can see my socks are lacking in brightness compared to my shirt. Clearly I need brighter socks.


  1. I replaced my Garmin Forerunner 305 a couple months ago. It died for the last time. I was disappointed that it only lasted about 3 years. That could have something to do with bicycle crashes ;)

    Anyway, I replaced it with the Suunto Ambit 2 and LOVE it! It feels much sturdier than the Garmin, elevation is accurate (my 305 was always super high). The screens are customizable via their website, super easy! It locks in on GPS very quickly. Plus I got a great deal on eBay for a brand new one.

    This is not a paid advertisement ;)

  2. I have issues with my Garmin all the time. I think I figured out that I'm just one of those people whose body chemistry messes with watches, so I'm coming to terms with my watches never working exactly right.

    I'm loving the orange outfit. I'm planning something similar for my long run tomorrow. I'm hoping it's not too hot for the compression socks. 19 miles definitely requires compression!

  3. My Garmin 305 went nuts so I was psyched when Polar sent me their RC3-- and honestly, I like it a lot better. Just got a Timex watch in the mail too that retails for $99 so I'll let you know if it is decent-- that's a good price!

  4. I love orange! You need to check out the Skora Base shoes I'm trying right now they are a lovely Coral. So bright and pretty :)

    Your dog can run 10 miles???? That's crazy. My dog loves to walk, and I always wish now I had trained him to run when he was young, but I don't think he could ever do that kind of mileage.

  5. Try the reset thing with the Garmin, press and hold mode and power, I had the same thing happened to me last year. Hopefully that will help!

  6. I have the same problem with my orange pro socks! I'm trying to decide which color I "need" the most (since even with 40% off, they're not cheap). Which means I need to figure out what I want to wear for the AF marathon next month... or it will have to match either my current purple or pumpkin orange socks.
    Ah, runner problems. :)
    Glad the quad is still doing better!

  7. Cb says he is totally jealous that cola runs 10 miles. He currently says he is in his "off season" and waiting for the winter to start logging double digits again.

    Boo to the garmin!

    I like the orange even if it doesn't match. You could always use a different crazy color of socks to wear with the shirt :) Im getting some neon yellow calf sleeves soon and nothing I have will coordinate with them :) I'll just be loud and bright! Hehe

  8. Clearly you are an extremely coordinated runner!

  9. My garmin can be such a brat. We definitely have a love/hate relationship!!!

    Love the bright orange. You always have fun running clothes.

  10. I have the Garmin 910XT for about a year and a half and so far no issues. Other than one day it was kinda funky. But love the new shirt too!

  11. Seriously why do Garmin's do crazy stuff like that?! So annoying! I love the bright orange shirt. I have one the same color:) So glad you bought the matching socks:)

  12. Props on a shirt that makes it possible to run at night without a headlamp!

  13. My garmin did something similar. Freaked me out!! Glad yours is ok! (Mine was ok too)


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