Thursday, August 29, 2013 Things Thursday

1.  My baby girl has been in kindergarten for a week now. I wish I could say it has been smooth sailing, but it hasn't. 

We have had all kinds of drama about what to wear in the mornings although this is getting better.  The first day of school she changed her outfit no less than four times.  She doesn't want to wear any of the great new clothes she got for school because she isn't used to them yet. She has however been very good about getting her hair done right away and this is something she NEVER has wanted done.

Her brother won't play with her at recess, he wants to play football with his friends (which is fine with me.  He is supposed to look out for her not babysit her, and he does).  She cries to me that she can't find anyone to play with and Kindra and Kyann, two girls she knows, are hard to find at recess or don't want to play what she does.  Life is so tough.

Her teacher wrote me a note saying Avery gets tearful during class and says it is because she misses her mom.  We sent a picture of me to school to help with this a little.  She cries in the morning and tries to get out of going to school

Happily she came home yesterday and said she had made a new friend and played with her at recess.  Her teacher also wrote me a note saying "no tears" yesterday.   What a relief! 

I know the whole thing is a big change since she never went to preschool and doesn't know that many of the kids.  I think  a lot of it is just adjusting to the change and being out of her comfort zone.  It is still hard on me though too. 

I admit to shedding a few tears over it in the middle of the night on Monday. 

2.  I got to impress my co workers with some feats of strength yesterday.  We were getting things ready for the next day and probably making fun of twerking when I decided to see if I could do a pullup on a metal bar that is part of our supply storage system.  I could, of course.

Turns out I was the only one.  So then they wanted to see if I could do some tricep dips between two carts.  I knew I could so at that point I was probably just showing off when I did 10 and still no one else could even do one.    I think they think I am on steroids.  HA!

3. I did a 7.5 mile run this morning and apparently did it to soon after breakfast.  My stomach was not happy the entire time and I sit here now with a bit of heartburn.  My legs didn't feel like they had a  whole lot of anything in them by the end of the run either.  I had set out to do 8 miles, but sometimes it just isn't worth it.   Today was one of those days.    I am sure that this means I will be full of energy and ready to kick some butt next week in Colorado at the Ragnar Relay. 

as a bonus.. if you haven't heard the Sweet Lorraine song and story behind it.. you should check it out.  Seriously watch it.
There is a documentary behind the song too

Tell me I am not the only one who cried watching these.


  1. Hahah, yes! I love feats of strength!

    Your poor daughter. I remember how traumatizing it was when I went to a new school in 6th grade. Kindergarten has to be tough if you don't know anyone, too!

  2. This reminds me so much of my kids. How sweet is it that your daughter keeps your pictures at school! Oh my goodness that made me smile. My middle son had a tough time adjusting. He always has but it's adorable to me.

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  4. Sorry your little one is having a tough time! I've been fortunate to have kids who have never had those issues, but let me tell you, I still cry when they head off for the year and they are in 7th and 3rd grades!

  5. Why is raising kids so hard....on us, they seem slightly unfazed by the whole bit. As I am sure she will be moving on from this rough patch soon and it will nothing but a memory.
    I have seen that song circling the web and I was didn't want to click on it cause I knew I would cry. Until today.
    I cried.
    Like a baby. So sweet.

  6. Kindergarten can be tough but she will be fine after another week or so. Sometimes it's harder on us moms than anything else;) Way to go on your pull up and dips!

  7. It makes me smile to see how attached your daughter is. I am making sure to enjoy these times when my kids think I am awesome because I know I will be significantly less cool when they are teenagers.

  8. <3 I'm sorry your daughter is having a hard time. There will definitely be an adjustment period if she hasn't been in a formal school setting before, and I hope it's over soon. A friend of mine made matching mother-daughter bracelets with her daughter to create something special for her daughter to think of if she gets lonely at school (kind of like The Kissing Hand, but in bracelet form). Maybe something like that would help if the tears start again?

  9. My daughter did fine her first several days of kindergarten, but the second week was horrible. She started getting upset as soon as she got home. Didn't want to eat dinner or breakfast, and cried all the time. One morning I had to carry her on the bus and set her on the seat crying. I went back and forth between anger and tears. But it got better eventually. And it will get better for you guys too.

  10. So sorry about your daughter. It does sound like the worst is over, but still it has to be hard for both of you. At least it sounds like she has a great teacher.

    I am not surprised you could do a pull up. You are ripped!!!

  11. I've been seeing all over my facebook feed the difficulties / challenges my friends have been dealing with their kindergartners, so you're not alone. When I was in preschool *apparently* I had to dress similar to my teacher everyday. (pants, skirt, dress etc) One day my teacher forgot and wore something diff than what she told my mom. I threw a fit and mom had to bring a change of clothes... I grew out of that phase thank goodness and so will your daughter's tears.

    If I worked with you I'd be on the sidelines with those pull ups too- so jealous

  12. Poor thing ;) she's a female so a little drama is sometimes okay Momma! When I taught PE I'd laugh because the boys just wanna play, the girls have to have shoes tied, hair fixed, be with their BF as a partner, etc! SO cute! She is NOT alone...I'm sure it's more norm than ya think ;)

  13. ...and uh I STINK at pull ups ;(

  14. My daughter started kindergarten also this week. No tears for her but she has been exhausted. I, of course, cried once she was on the bus and it drove away. It's all good now.


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