Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Where I have been

First the big big news.. today is the first day of school.  My daughter is off to kindergarten and my son is off to 1st grade.  Big milestones!  I thought we were doing great this morning only to learn the bus will now be coming 15 minutes earlier than last year, while I was still blow drying my daughters hair.  We had to wash it this morning because her brother got toothpaste in it last night when they were getting ready for bed. 

I barely had time to throw in a quick braid and get the kids out the door for a picture and the bus was here!  Luckily it comes right into our driveway.
Now for the where I have been!  We went on a quick family vacation over the weekend and had a great time.  Saturday we went to the Lewis and Clark Caverns and saw lots of great cave formations. 


After that we headed over to Virginia and Nevada Cities to explore the old gold rush towns. 
Sunday we went and did the self tour of the old Montana State Prison, which parts of were very creep and said to be haunted.  We didn't have any ghostly encounters.  I am not sad about that. They also had an old car museum at the prison.  The kids thought they were being tortured looking at all the cars.
We also took a drive through Phillipsburg MT where my husband worked on a ranch before I met him,  They have a great candy store there and the kids favorite part was the phenomenal playground the very small school has. I think we spent at least an hour and a half there.

Monday we headed back towards home and made a stop at the very fabulous Museum of the Rockies and took in two planetariums shows and looked at as many exhibits as the kids could handle.

Our final stop was the Grizzly Bear Encounter place right outside of Bozeman, MT.  There were two bears out while we were there and they were very active.  The guy at the place was full of great tips and information on bears. 

We also made a random stop somewhere along the way at a lake to play around and practice skipping rocks across the water.

Fun times.  One last little hurrah before school started.

I also didn't run at all on vacation.  I don't even feel bad about it.  I kind of wanted the whole weekend to be all about spending time with the kids.  Now here I sit in an empty house and have lots of time on my hands to run and workout.  Feels strange.

I admit I took this whole week off.  The first part of the week I wanted to just have to spend time with the kids and the rest of the week is all for me.  HAHAHAHA!


  1. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful weekend to me!

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend and taking a week off sounds amazing.

  3. What fun!! The Lewis and Clark caverns freaked me out when my parents took me there for the first time - closed spaces and bats were not an ok combination for me as a child.

  4. Sweet vacation! I've wanted to go to the caverns. We haven't been out that direction yet. I didn't see you waving when you came through, probably because we were gone camping! Enjoy all your free time!!

  5. What an amazing adventure! So glad you had so much fun with the family:) Those caves look so cool!

  6. I think your kids are about the same age difference as mine. I remember when my son was in 1st and my daughter started KG. Seems like just yesterday. I know you do, but cherish these days ... they fly by!

  7. OMG they are so adorable! That is huge - kindergarten and first grade! Big years for both of them! Best of luck to them!

  8. Our first day of school is tomorrow, and my kids were at my parents' in Missouri until yesterday. So we took one last pool day. I thought I was going to bake, but it was perfect. Congratulations to your kids on their first day--first grade all the way for us in the morning. Your getaway sounds wonderful.

  9. Sounds like such a fun trip! Yay for the first day of school...they look so excited!

  10. Your kiddos are the cutest! I can't believe they already started school. We always started after Labor Day. Glad you all had a fun last hurrah over the weekend.


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