Monday, September 2, 2013

My legs

First of all Happy Labor Day.  I know for most working folks today is a day off, a long weekend.  Not me.  I usually always have Mondays off so this feels like nothing special. except the kids are home from school and my husband doesn't go to work, so I have to clean up after them and make lunch.  Since I really only have to work one day this week I guess that is okay. 
Why do I only have to work one day you ask?  I am leaving for Colorado with Team Beef Montana to run a Ragnar Relay!  YAY!
I am going to start thinking about packing for Ragnar Colorado today and make sure what I want to bring with me is clean. 
I have no delusions about kicking butt on my relay legs in light of
  • right quad still not at 100%
  • altitude
  • not really trained for speed right now
I do feel confident that I can get them cranked out at a decent pace.
I am legs 10, 22, 34  rated very hard, moderate, and very hard.
Leg 10.  Mostly downhill. 7 miles 
Leg 22. Mostly downhill. 4.6 miles
Leg 34. Mostly uphill. 10.4 miles. This leg scares me a little.

Total 22 miles. 

My plan is to try not to run too fast on the first two legs so I still have something left in the tank for the last crazy leg.

I also am not planning anymore hard workouts between now and then.  I did a killer kettlebell workout Friday and am still pretty sore from that as I sit here typing this. 

What do you consider relay essentials when packing for a relay? 


  1. Have a great time! Try to grab a little sleep when you can and enjoy the mountains--you'll do great!

  2. Good luck and I hope you have a blast!

  3. Yeah, those kettlebell squat thrusts really work some different muscles don't they? I just finished a kettlebell workout myself.

    Hope you really enjoy your Ragnar experience!

  4. Wipes
    Spare running shoes in case first pair get wet.
    Small bottle of mouth wash.... :)

    That third leg scares me too

  5. Ooh.. that third leg looks like the short straw! I know you'll cope just fine though - can't wait to hear all about it!
    Wipes are a good idea, and don't forget your chapstick!

  6. I've never done a relay...I don't think I could handle the van portion. I have issues.

    Have fun!!

  7. I have no doubt that you'll be able to crank out some speedy miles either.

    I've never done a relay so the only advice I could offer is - have a good time!

  8. Good luck! Be careful on the downhill, that killed my quads on my last half. Have fun though. I've never done a Ragnar, but it sounds pretty sweet.

  9. Fritos & licorice...for some reason are like mana from heaven during Ragnar for me!

  10. Have fun!! I think the final leg would scare me a bit too, but you will conquer that hill.

  11. Hey! Let me know if you think you'll have any free time!:) If not, good luck and have so much fun!


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