Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

Saturday morning Cola and I went for a 7.5 mile run and enjoyed the morning sunshine.

My son had a friend spend the night Friday.  They spent hours practicing for their flag football game Saturday.  So fun to see my little cowboy have the same drive and dedication and love for football as I do for running. 
don't mess with these tough boys!
Their game was basically a practice since it was the first game of the season and the first game ever for most of the boys.  My little cowboy made an incredible catch that I was thinking there was no way he was going to catch and he nearly had an interception.
I walked into the bathroom Friday night and saw this up near the ceiling....

Don't let the picture fool you he was a monster.  I yelled for my son and his friend to grab a broom and come to the bathroom.  I gave them the task of killing the freaky thing.  They were little superheroes and did! 
Sunday I took an easy day and just did half an hour on the elliptical.  We had company in the morning and Cade's birthday party in the afternoon so I didn't have much time.  My right quad was feeling a bit of a niggle so I decided taking it easy was the best route all around.
The plan for today is to go for an easy run, but if the quad is bugging me I am going to call it a day and focus on core and upper body strengthening.  I have heard quad injuries can be hard to get over and like to come back to haunt you...sigh.  Of course I also pushed it harder last week than it has been pushed in a long time, doing some actual speed work. 
How was your weekend?  Tell me some highlights.
Would you have killed the spider or made the 1st graders do it like I did?


  1. I HATE spider & snakes and all those creepy critters! If I had 2 little guys willing to tackle the task, I'd get them the broom myself! Yuck! When we lived in the pacific northwest we used to get enormous ones every August that SD had to trap in an old Peanut Butter jar because they were too big to squish...only thing I don't miss about living there!
    Great running weekend! Tried my new kicks & won my AG in a 5K!

  2. Febreeze (the kind in the metal can, not the plastic spray bottle) does something to them and will knock spiders down and slow them down, making it easier to squish them. I've had to use that trick several times- WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS ON THE CEILING? I make my husband kill them if he's home, though. And I *might* have trained our bull terrier to hunt and eat spiders and ants while my husband was deployed, so at least I have 2 lines of offense before I have to get them myself!

  3. That is awesome that your son and his friend killed the spider. Kids are so useful! I usually try to get Bungee to kill and eat bugs lol.

  4. I probably would have used a tissue and taken the spider outside. Weird I know;) My husband and I went to the Seahawks game on Sunday and had a great time! Hooray for mom and dad alone time:)

  5. Sadly, I have to swallow my fear of spiders and kill them myself. I no longer have a man in the house to do it for me :(

  6. Weekend was good-- I caught up on LIFE! So needed :)

  7. If my daughter was big enough I totally would make her do it!!! I instead suck them up with the vacuum!!

  8. I only like to kill spiders if they are on a wall. Killing them on ceilings just freaks me out as I think they are going to fall on me. Made my hubby kill one about 30 minutes ago.

  9. Spiders don't bug me but if I had a first grader, I would totally get them to kill it. I would also see if they wouldn't mind doing the dishes, sweeping and picking up dog poo...just in case they were really on a roll!

  10. I'm ok with spiders but NOT ok with snakes or mice. I have no idea why but they don't bother me at all. I'll scream bloody murder over a snake or rodent.

  11. I hate all bugs in the house. Even things I can somewhat tolerate outside seem awful inside...but spiders are awful all the time.

    What's up with that first pic of you? Is it just me or is there a smaller version in the distance. It's like there is a billboard of you in the background...maybe I'm going crazy :)

  12. I have a size restriction on the bugs I will kill and that is definitely over the limit!
    Props to your son for getting it!


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