Friday, September 6, 2013

Ragnar Colorado Leg 1 recap

I felt like we waited all day to run. The boys van started at 10 am and our van got into action around 3:30. 

My first leg was 7 miles mostly downhill and rated very hard. So I wore my lucky socks.

My first leg was also my comeback leg,  my first time back into it since I strained my quad four months ago.  I missed the whole summer racing season.  I admit it to being a little emotional at the start.  I got a little choked up when I started to warm up. Running is such a part of me and so is competing. I am a competitor.  Being able to be back means so much to me.  

I also admit to being uncertain as to how my quad would react to my 7 mile mostly downhill leg. My plan was to keep it easy and close to 8:15 min/ miles. 

Stacey came running in and handed me the bracelet and I was off.  It was raining lightly and it felt amazing.  My quad felt amazing.  I was running.  Running happy an strong. 

I got passed immedialty by a girl in neon pink, I wanted to chase her down and pass her back.  I knew that wasn't smart probably so I held myself in and maintained cruising speed.  

I choked up repeatedly in the first two miles.  It just felt so amazing to be back, to be running along, chasing down the neon girl.  I reeled her in step by step until she was nothing but a memory.

Miles 3-5 were all business. Maintaining, listening to my body, watching for my quad to be not happy.  And no one else in sight.  

Mile 5.5 ish I passed two guys and knew I was going to finish strong.  The last half mile seemed to take forever and was uphill.  I handed off the bracelet and walked it out.  And the plan? ... Hmm sorta went out the window. 

I ended up averaging 7.33 min miles for 7.09 miles.   

Favorite parts of the leg

Running in the rain for the first two miles 
Katy Perry's Roar
Passing neon girl
Happy right quad


  1. Yay! Congrats on a great first leg! I wish I could come up and see you but it's a couple hours away and I've gotta be in the city today :(

  2. Sounds amazing! Glad you are back out there too, enjoy the rest of the journey.

  3. Passing that chick would have been on my favorites too. Passing people always feels good :) Glad the quad is still feeling good!

  4. Awe, excellent! So happy that this went great for you! And I love that you got choked up in the first two miles. That's the love for running coming out!

    Asphalt & Trails

  5. BOOM!!!! That is wonderful!!!!
    Glad Colorado has been so good to you! Can't wait to read more!

  6. Nicely done! Moving on to the rest of your recap....

  7. you KILLED that leg, so glad it was painfree and you came in way under what you anticipated!

  8. Awesome job! I'm so glad your quad felt great and you definitely killed that leg.

  9. Great job! And welcome back! Can't wait to read the next few posts about the relay now :)


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