Thursday, September 12, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1.  It has been a while since I added any music to my iPod but I added a few songs before I left for the Ragnar Relay in Colorado.  I added
  • Roar by Katy Perry
  • Wake Me Up  by Avicii
  • and a whole bunch by Mumford and Sons
Kind of wondering how I made this long without having Mumford and Sons on my iPod.  I feel a little late to the party just now discovering them.  I think my older sister kept telling me they were great to run to, but I apparently didn't believe her.

2. My calf muscles have been so tight since the Ragnar.  I tried to run Tuesday but they cramped up, so I only ended up doing 2 miles.  This morning they felt better, not out of the woods, but better.  I ran 5 miles and now they are super tight again.  Sigh.  Maybe I won't run a half marathon this weekend even though I really want to. I have been rolling and stretching.  I guess all the uphill in the last leg of the relay made them a little mad.

3.  I feel like I am on such a running high right now.  Running the Ragnar in Colorado with Team Beef was amazing.  Being in the van with 5 other girls who love running as much as I do is so motivating.  So fun to be around so many girls that want to talk about running and running things.  Not sure what is up next, but I have a couple of options for October including a 6 mile race and a half marathon.  Both of them include fun runs portions that the kids could participate in.    Having my right quad feel good is the second part of being on such a running high, now if my calf muscles would loosen up a little!

What new songs have you added to your running playlists lately?


  1. So I don't know who Mumford & Sons are but I keep hearing about them. Going to check it out today. And I am so happy for you and that you are back to running because i can tell in your previous posts that you had a great time!

    Maria @ A Good Life

  2. Ugh, hope your calves loosen up soon! Maybe an epsom salt bath would help :)

  3. Epsom salts are a miracle!!! are mumford and sons

  4. I love love love mumford- seen twice in concert. I'm obsessed with that Avicii song. Turns out he just does techno beats so that song is random that he got a singer for it. You should check out his song "levels"- has a mash up of "good feeling in it"

    hope your legs feel fresh soon!

  5. i'm awful about adding songs, I think it's why I end up listening to audiobooks!

    sigh you have me dyyyyying to get in on another relay! :)

  6. Hope your calves loosen up quickly!


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