Thursday, September 19, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Running and my head falling off

1.  Running is going good.  I feel great and the cooler weather has felt amazing too. Monday I did an  trail run that I cut a little short due to some toe pain and wearing some new shoes.

I was sent a pair of Skora shoes to try out and review and while I have some minimal shoes and a pair of zero drops, the Skora shoes are even more minimal and have almost no cushion so I didn't want to overdo it.  I had planned to run back to my car and switch my shoes out to my Altra Torins which have quite a bit of cushion, but my toe was throbbing from stubbing it and kicking at rock so I called it a run and went home.

2. My blog domain which I get through Godaddy via Google Apps is set for renewal.  Unfortunately I didn't go in and update my credit card info and it couldn't auto renew.  I also have been unable to log in to Google Apps to set it back to auto renew after updating my card info. 

I spent HOURS (seriously) trouble shooting this.  I finally called GoDaddy directly and they needed my Google Apps pin to help me.  I don't know it.  I didn't even know it existed.  To find it I have to get in to Google Apps. 

GoDaddy gave me the tech support number for Google Apps, but you can't even talk to a real person if you don't know your pin.  HELLO this is why I called!

I trouble shot on the Internet some more to no avail and finally called GoDaddy back since at least there I can talk to a live person.  I pleaded with the lady to help me. I told her my head was about to fall off I was so frustrated.  She stayed on the phone with me for nearly and hour and a half trying to solve the problem.  She finally went and got a Google Tech person on the line with us and he couldn't solve the problem. Handy.

Every time I try to log in I get "invalid request"  I seriously want to punch my computer.

He emailed me a tech support form and a better phone number to call if that doesn't work. So now I am waiting to hear back. If I don't by noon today I am calling.

It shouldn't be this hard. Don't they want people to keep their domains? 

3. In happier news I had a great long run yesterday.

Legs feel good and the toe is getting better.

which makes me really excited for the half marathon I have coming up in a month.

I was also supposed to do a kettlebell workout but by the time I got done dealing with the domain BS, the kids were home from school and it was time to make supper.  I am planning to do it today instead since I got overstaffed and don't have to work.
Anyone else ever have any problems with Google Apps, or renewing your domain or am I just the lucky one?


  1. I guess that's just another reason for me to never buy my domain name. That sounds like way more work than I'm interested in.

  2. Yow! That does sound a like big PITA - I hate spending time on the phone with tech geeks that end up not helping you. Mostly they are looking stuff up in a book anyway. I can do that too if I have the book.

    Hope it gets straightened out. I had trouble even trying to buy a domain name so gave up at that point last year!

  3. oye vey!!! I had some issues before...but I am confused about the domain and the google, I hate having tech problems and getting the run around {ha funny for a runner, right?!} Ok not really funny, glad you are having great runs!

  4. So annoying on the GoDaddy stuff! Shouldn't be that hard, no doubt.

    I love Skora's! You are smart to adjust slowly, though, b/c they are very minimal. Enjoy!

  5. Thank heavens for a good long run! That GoDaddy scenario would drive me out of my mind.

  6. Ugh, I got that same email and ignored it because I figured my card was on I'm terrified to double check that! PS I love my Skora's too! Super comfy and once you get used to them, they're great.

  7. LOVED the montana temps when I was there.

    oh my god you have way more patience than myself- i would have been screaming at that point. hopefully they are able to help you figure out how to save your domain.

  8. I hate GoDaddy.con /Google App. Last year I paid for a domain and I could not even get in to register it to this day. So frustrating.

    maria @ The Good Life

  9. I had the exact tsame problem with the google app earlier this year. I finally figured out that I had to log in to google apps using the email address assigned to my domain name when I registered the domain (and not my normal gmail address). I was able to reset that password (since I have never once used that other email address) and get it all squared away. I then sent myself an email detailing all this so that I never had to suffer through that crap again. I hope you get it worked out!


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