Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A runner needs to run.

Well today is day 13 of no running. 

My husband kept asking me yesterday what my problem was.  Apparently I am a little crabby.  A runner needs to run. Makes life better on so many levels.

It's been 13 days of no running.  I sat around all weekend in the pickup driving to and from Ronan (a 7+ hour drive with kids one way).  I could have done more over the weekend, but I was really making a concerted effort to take it easy on my foot.   (Heal already left foot).  I need my me time.  I need my stress relief!

I did do an hour pretty easy on the elliptical yesterday with no ill effects, but if I tried to push very hard left foot would let me know it was not impressed with my efforts, so I kept it easy and tried to concentrate on using the handle thingys more.  It sort of felt good to be moving and exercising, but it also felt a bit frustrating to not be working up a drippy sweat.

I keep thinking maybe I will do some yoga.. so far I haven't done any... 

I did do a pretty good strength workout yesterday while I caught up on last weeks episode of Grey's Anatomy.  I was doing the Betty Rocker 30 day challenge, but since I was busy limping around last week and still am not ready to do any kind of jumping high impact stuff I pretty much took last week off and decided to stick to low impact this week. 

I did four different sets of exercises.  I started with the first set, did all four exercises three times and then moved on to the next set.  It was a pretty good workout.
Although nothing really beats a good run, but better than nothing!

One of my new obsessions right now is fillyflair.com  I haven't ordered anything yet, but I am so tempted. Here are some things I think are cute.
Total random thing but my nephew left his iPad outside my house where it stayed for nearly three weeks, in the rain, snow etc until the UPS man found it.  (it was left by a door we never use)  and it still works.  I have to admit to being pretty impressed with that!

Do you have any new obsessions lately?  Feel free to share them with me :)


  1. I'm so sorry you are still on ice...and feeling crabby!!! Um LOVE the chevron dress! I would say I'm obsessed with all things chevron lately!

  2. I hope you recover quickly and can get back to running soon! I know how frustrating an injury can be! Cute, cute things from that little boutique! I'll have to check them out. :-)

  3. I can't believe that iPad still works, kind of amazing, considering ever other iPod and iPhone I see has a cracked screen!

    I just got back form a business trip and haven't run in a week, and now I feel so out of sorts. You should try hot yoga, it's SUCH a workout and so complementary to running!


  4. It's such a bummer that you can't figure out what's wrong with your foot. I know I'm always a giant grump when I'm hurt and can't run. I'm pretty sure Mike dreads it.

  5. I am so sorry you are still hurting. Not good or fun. I do love how you are so motivated to keep going strong and keep up your fitness levels! I am impressed with the iPad still working. Amazing!

  6. So sorry for your break in running...I know how hard it can be to have an injury sideline your workouts. Great job on trying to still incorporate them however you can!

    And...I can't believe the iPad still worked!

  7. Oh I'm sorry you're still not running - I can only imagine how crabby I would be!!

    Pretty amazing about the iPad!

  8. I hope your foot heals soon. Those clothes at fillyflair are super cute. I'll have to check them out.

  9. Sorry you aren't running. I know that sucks! I think shopping could easily fill up the void :) I really like the chevron dress a lot. Hope you are feeling better soon, soon, soon!

  10. Sorry that your foot is still hurting! I know how frustrating that is...period! I hope you get a diagnosis really soon because the unknown is what drives me crazy! I wish there was something I could say to make it better. Take care and keep us posted on the foot!

  11. Sorry you still can't run! I know about that crabbiness! All those tops are super cute!

  12. Oddly enough my "obsession" right now is preschool...weird. Now that I have more time in life (no volleyball coaching or training for anything important) I've been spending a lot more time with my boys and doing preschool. Pretty fun. Anyway, really really really sorry about the foot. You need to make your husband rub it every night!! Nothin like a good foot rub :)

  13. Heal soon foot!!! Sorry to hear it's not feeling good- and I completely can sympathize with your frustrations on not running. :(

    That's amazing the iPad works after 3 weeks! The apple products seem to be built really well- my iPod shuffle is over 5 years old and has gotten wet a few times in races and still works perfectly!

    My new obsession: Dead Sea salt baths. Better than Epsom for achy muscles :)

  14. My new obsession is Beachbody's Slim In 6 workout!! Sorry you haven't been able to run but good for you on those squats. Those are the hardest part of my workout!!

  15. All those clothes are cute! Sorry you've had to take time off from running. I've been obsessed with apples lately. I eat one every day for an afternoon snack.


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