Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Closing September and Jumping into October


  • Far and away the highlight of September was Ragnar Colorado, especially leg one during which I had tears of joy.   I could say I can't remember the last time a run felt that good, but I can because it was nearly four months prior to Ragnar Colorado at Peaks to Prairie and shortly afterwards I was on the whining runner injured list with my right quad.

  • I attempted some speed work in the two weeks following the Ragnar, I thought it felt amazingly great, but my right quad responded unfavorably so I am back to just running.  My quad seems to like that better. 

  • I also picked up a 20lb kettle bell at target on a screaming deal and have been loving changing up my workouts with that

  • I spent two weeks trying to figure out how to renew my domain for my blog, what a PITA!!!  If you are on blogger and get your domain through Go Daddy and ever have problems, I can help.  I now have a link that can get fast results.  I already helped one other blogger get renewed.  YAY!

  • I dropped my ZGym membership at, but find myself missing the workouts. I just like her workout style and I love new workouts every week.  I think I will be renewing soon, plus she just started adding kettle bell workouts.


  • I am hoping to get in two races in October.  One is a half marathon towards the end of the month.  I have no huge goals other than to finish it. 

  • HA! Who am I kidding?

  • Not myself anyway.  I always have goals for races, sometimes it just feels scary to share them.  I want to finish it under 1:50.  It is a little hard not to be poopy faced about this goal since my last half marathon was 1:40:18 back in March and I really wanted to do a faster fall half. I feel given all that has gone on in between and the lack of any speed work makes 1:50 a much more realistic goal.

  • I am also going to try the Betty Rocker 30 Day Bodyweight Challenge, but I am already wondering if it will be challenging enough for me.  They also want you to eat clean the entire time, which I can guarantee I won't do.   I eat 80-90% clean and am calling that good enough.  Any more than that and I go off the deep end. 

What was a September highlight for you? 

What are you most looking forward to in October?  Lovely fall weather, but not the snow they are predicting will hit us tomorrow. 


  1. Glad that you are back to running and feeling good these days! Good luck on your half even though I know you don't need it!

  2. You had a great month! Sorry your quad is still giving you a fit. I'm most looking forward to cooler running temps! :0)

  3. Blah SNOW tomorrow! Eek! We've been spoiled by these glorious summerish days. All the best with the upcoming half!

  4. YAY SNOW TOMORROW! :) I'm definitely looking forward to ski season!

  5. Snow already?! I'm not ready for that! Good luck with your half!!

  6. September highlight...My kids both ran their first 5k! And? I signed a contract with an illustrator for a children's book I wrote!

  7. sounds like you had a great September!

  8. You have had some great months! Glad that your patience over the summer has paid off so you can rack up those miles now. :-)

  9. kettle bell workouts are FABULOUS. I've always had skinny arms, but i'm finally seeing some definition in them thanks to this lovely bell :)


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