Monday, October 21, 2013

What I am doing since I am not running

Foot update...  nothing new to report really.  It does a little better every day and I am guessing it will be at least another week before I think about running again.  I really want to have it healthy so I don't reinjure it. 

I miss running dreadfully but after then kind of year it has been for running what is another couple of weeks of no running.  Not much in the big picture.

I am able to get on my elliptical finally and work up a sweat.  That feels amazing.  Not the same as getting outside and getting a good run in but better than nothing!  I probably could hop on my bike but it has been windy and cold and I am just as happy to slog away on the elliptical and watch Netflix.

Seriously sometimes I wonder how I survived without Netflix.  I used to read magazines or books while on the elliptical and that helped but watching a movie really makes the time fly by.

I bought this for my husband over the weekend. 
He is pretty sure our house is 5x more homey now since we have a teapot that whistles.  Excuse the dirty stove. 

I also recently purchased a food strainer after borrowing one from a friend at work and loving how easy it made making applesauce.

I made three batches of applesauce over the weekend.  I canned a bunch of applesauce in single serving size jars so they are great for putting in lunches.    I even bought a bigger pot so I can make bigger batches.  (This no running thing seems to be hard on my wallet) Suddenly I have so much more time on my hands for shopping.

Next I will have to get some more shelves for the basement and or pantry.  It is getting crowded in there with all the canning I have done this year.
this is a small portion of the top shelf, I can't show anymore, it is too messy.  The kids like to play in the pantry.

kind of over canning and I still have three buckets of apples...  it is just so much work!

I have also been doing some older workouts with Zuzanna.  Mostly picking out ones that are low impact for the sake of my foot.  I did this workout yesterday slightly modified with my kettle bell and home made dip station. By the end I was wiped.

The kids had a busy weekend of playing with cousins, Grandparents, and various other family members and having cousins over to play.  Lots of fun and action and both kids were asleep last night before 8.  YAY

Tell me a highlight from your weekend!


  1. I'm surprised he didn't say anything about the color :-) (which I love by the way). But he is right... every home needs a whistling tea pot. Canning is something that I want to learn how to do and luckily my future MIL is great at it. So when I go visit her in Minnesota in a few weeks, she has promised to show me how to do it. :)

  2. Ugh I just got over a foot issue it is a bummer but you are doing the right thing for the long run. Hope you get better soon! I couldn't convince hubs to get the whistling kind he insisted we get the electric kind. :-)

  3. I hope your foot gets better soon! I spent a bit when I was injured too, on running things mainly, because it just made me feel better.
    The highlight of my weekend was my 18km run - longest ever!

  4. Sounds like your time is being used nicely and productively!! Hope you feel better soon?

  5. Wow! I am seriously impressed with your canning skills. I almost never make preserves - my cooking is usually to eat straight away... I'm sure that says something about me...
    We used to have a whistling camping kettle - very cool.
    Hope the foot continues to improve! x

  6. Wow you are a serious canner! I have only made freezer jam before but felt very proud of myself for it;)

  7. I really hope you get to running again, soon...glad your foot is feeling better. That's a ton of canning! Wish we had basements in the south, would love the extra storage space!

  8. Glad to hear your foot is getting better! I hope you will be able to run again soon!

    Free time is so amazing isn't it? Last week during my taper I got so much done around the house, it was great! I'm jealous of all your canning. I only managed a few jars of pickles and a few jars of salsa. I need to be better about planning so I get stuff canned before it goes bad!

    Thanks for reminding me of old Zuzanna workouts, I miss those. I have a bunch written in a folder I will have to pull it out and do some!

  9. I hope that foot heals up quickly! You are so great with the canning. I would not even know where to start. I love how you always find other ways to keep your fitness. Hang in there.

  10. Hope you heal quickly. My weekend highlight was my final MCM long run and some baking.


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