Thursday, October 24, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Since my team got 2nd in our division in the Ragnar Relay in Colorado we all got these cool relay baton awards.  Since we didn't stick around for the award ceremony they were mailed to our team captain and she in turn mailed them out individually.  I got mine in the mail yesterday.
My kids were really impressed and I was tempted to sleep with it.  I  still think back on that first leg of the relay with such joy.  It was a perfect run if there ever was one.

2. I also finally earlier this week got the Ragnar jacket I had waited forever to order.  It had been out of stock forever.  I have been wearing it everywhere. Now I can carry my baton around with it and be super geeky. 

3.  My plan is to do a test run next week. Sadly this perfect fall running weather will be gone by then but I want my foot to have lots of time to heal.  I did not like limping around!!!  It is nearly back to 100%.    It is a little bit of torture to have to not run with the weather so perfect right now.  TORTURE!


  1. When I first saw this picture before reading your caption I thought you were straightening your hair LOL

  2. I got that baton last year! It is so cool! And I really want that jacket.

  3. well congrats, cool, and fingers crossed

  4. WHOOHOOO!! Congrats on the second place!!

  5. Our team got a purple baton for our costumes! And I have that exact same jacket....LOVE IT! Hope you are back to the run soon :)

  6. Fun mail this week:) Love the baton!


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