Sunday, August 10, 2014

Running, cows, and new clothes

Whew, life has been flying by!  We traveled across the state last weekend for my husband's 20th class reunion and had fun, stayed out LATE two nights in a row and I think I was just catching up on my sleep when my daughter got an absessed tooth (this is part of a much longer story involving a filling that fell out twice), after two night's of poor sleep dealing with that she had the tooth pulled and is feeling so so much better.  Side note: I hope she never has versed again.

so running... I haven't been feeling super motivated to get my butt out of bed a run, but it isn't as light early anymore.  I did get a great 14 mile long run yesterday and was filling a little achy from that last night so I did some yoga.

I think it did the trick because this morning I had a speedy 7 mile run that felt amazing good. I didn't want to stop running but I figured since I ran 14 yesterday I better call it a run.  I ran down the road to where my husband and I keep some of our cows, the family met me down there and we drove around and checked on them.
This is them driving to meet me in the old Ford.

The kids played float the cow pie down the creek for a bit.  Sadly the creek is pretty shallow and slow here so the cow pies didn't go anywhere very fast.

Cola crammed in the cab of the pick-up with all four of us.

But that got a little crowded so the kids rode on the back for awhile. 

I also had some fun mail yesterday.. my new Swirlgear finally arrived.  The tank on top of the pile I wore today and is super comfy as well as cute.


  1. Sounds like you've been busy! That's what the "dog days of summer" are for though, right?!!?

  2. Awww I love the black cows. And float the cow patty, nice game!!

  3. I love your clothes! Nothing like some new running gear to get you going again. I'm greatly impresed that you wanted to keep on running, and had to force yourself to stop! I wish that would happen to me some day.

  4. I used to love to ride on the back of my Dad's pickup! Fun outing. So sorry about the little one's tooth.


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