Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cows, a Coyote and a Run

I knew I wanted to get up into the hills yesterday for my run and since my husband wanted to drive up and check on some cows they had moved in the fog Saturday morning to make sure all the mommas and babies were happy so I rode along so that I could run home from there. I love when I don't have to do an out and back!

The kids got to play, explore and look for cool rocks while Rance looked at cows and I took off running with Cola.
It was a beautiful morning and I think Cola was enjoying it as much as I was.

We ran through sage brush hills, and along a wheat field for awhile.  It was while running along the edge of the wheat field that I saw what looked like a dead animal up ahead, but when we got about 20 feet from it up, popped a sleeping coyote and off he went.  I am not sure which of us was more startled, probably the coyote who was just trying to take a nap!

The wheat is really growing!

Yesterday was the best my legs have felt since I ran the half marathon last weekend.  I took most of last week off from running and did more cross training.  I spent time on the rowing machine and elliptical as well as getting in some good yoga sessions.

Nothing compares really to getting out and having a good run in the hills all the green and the wildflowers this time of year are so good for the soul.

The great part about starting the run where I did was it was a lot of downhill although I did run some extra hills in order to give the cows a wide berth here.  Cola and I running through them tends to get them excited, especially when they have babies.
Although then to get home I had to run up a big hill, like nearly two miles of mostly all up hill.  Not nearly as fun, but good for adding some strength!

How was your weekend?  I know for some people it was a long weekend, but I nearly always have Mondays off so it kind of felt like just another weekend!   My kids get out of school this week for the summer and they are super excited about that.


  1. Beautiful views Christy :) It's a good thing the coyote just wanted to be on his way. Isn't that moment great when your legs feel fresh and ready to roll again:)
    I trimmed some bushes, not to exciting at my house lol

  2. I've seen a coyote where I run behind my house before, but not often. This week, I was surprised to see a raccoon. I also saw the usual rabbits and turtles. It's fun to come across wild animals during a run.

  3. Great photos! It's always so great when you don't have to do an out-and-back loop. Do you ever have to worry about coming across rattlesnakes down in your country?

  4. Cola looks like he is having so much fun!!! What great pics!!! I have to say I am jealous that your kids are out of school so soon! We are in until the 25th of June!

  5. I would love a run like that! Great scenery. Beautiful sky. Good, clean air. Nothing better.

  6. Wow. You live in an amazing place!

  7. Wow everyone's kids are already out of school! Mine don't get out until June 17th:/ Love the pic of Cola in the grass:) So pretty.

  8. Hi! I wanted to get up into the hills for my run and since any husband wanted to drive up and check on some cows they had moved in the fog morning to make sure all the mom as and babies were happy so I rode along so that I could run home from there.

    Please logged on for details: Jenifer


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