Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Womens Run 5 and 2 mile Race Recaps

When I heard several months ago my little sister was going to be here for Mother's Day weekend I was excited since I knew there is always a big local run that weekend just for women.  I even got her sponsored with me on Team Beef Montana for the run and we got some sweet new long sleeve shirts.  The new shirts ended up being perfect since the weather was 37 degrees, overcast and supposed to rain!
I'm kind of a little jealous of her cool camo tights. 
Luckily it only sprinkled and we were left with nearly perfect racing weather.  There was a bit of a breeze but nothing major.

The 5 mile started at 8 am.  We met up with the rest of the Team Beef Montana 5 milers at 7:30 for a team picture and then ran over to the porta potties. Luckily we hit them just before the line got long, whew!

I had 4 kids to get up and get moving in the morning so I had been just a tad late getting out of the house instead of my usual super early so I can stop at a gas station and use the bathrooms early.

Anyway back to the race.  Goals... I didn't really write any down but I KNEW I wanted to be faster than last years time of 37:06 and I of course would have loved to beat my PR for this race of 34:58.  I was planning on starting out right around a 7:00 pace.

The first mile of course was all adrenaline and I kept having to slow myself down. I did a 7:03 for the first mile. The second mile felt pretty good too and was 7:04.  I was happy the third mile was still feeling good but I could tell I was losing a little steam.

The fourth mile for me is always the hardest in this race, legs are getting tired and the finish line still seems a long way off!  7:14... ouch!  They have a timing mat after the fourth mile and my garmin read 4.16 miles and mentally this hurt me, I was tired!

Luckily the timing mat was just off as when I crossed the finish line I had 5.04 miles and a time of 35:57.  My third fastest Women's run and over a minute faster than last year.  YAY!

As soon as I finished and had the timing chip cut off my shoe I grabbed a water and jogged the half a mile or so to where my daughter and aunt were waiting for me.  I grabbed my daughter and we were off to the start of the 2 mile race.

As soon as the gun went off she decided she had to use the porta potty.  Luckily I could see one not too far up ahead.  As soon as went got to it, someone else went in right in front of us, so we lost about a minute there, but then she was off again.  Just after a mile in she took a short walk break and then ran hard the rest of the way.

She finished hard and was exuberbant to be done. Runners high!  She was talking about her next race as soon as she caught her breath.  That's my girl!

I ended up 4th in my age group.  One year I ran this race 9 seconds slower and won my age group and was 8th overall.  This year 23rd overall.  All depends on who shows up! 

The girl who won my age group and the overall is an elite triathlete.  That's her arm.
and Avery was mad about getting 9th in her age group until she realized she beat a classmate of hers by a long ways.  Then she was thrilled. 
I ended up like 27th in the 2 mile, not that it mattered, it was just a joy to run with my lil cowgirl and watch her determination and grit.

Overall two great races and lots of fun!


  1. That's great you were a minute faster than last year! All your half marathon training is showing positive results.
    And well done Avery for running all that way, and starring in your age group!

  2. So fun! I gotta get me one of those long sleeves! Needless to say, it's not always tank top weather for races in Montana! Great job and sounds so fun to do the races with your family! :)

  3. Way to go! It's always great when we can hit some of our goals! Love that your little cowgirl had such a great time - running with the kids is always such a joy.

  4. Congrats on being faster than last year! I'm glad the weather was ok for you and not rainy. Cold and rainy stink! That's so awesome the race was a family affair for you! Congrats to your sis and Avery!

  5. Great job Christy! I have those camo tights too and love them:) Assuming they are Fabletics;)

  6. I love that you get your children out there with you! So much awesome---and I wish my parents had done that with us! The only competitions I knew about were the eating kind... ;)



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