Thursday, May 14, 2015

Three Things Thursday: Half talk, goals and more

 1. Sunday I am running a half marathon here locally and it sounds like there aren't too many people signed up for the half.. which increases my chances of placing well.  I do like lots of people around though I find it motivating so that part is a bit of a bummer. There is also a 70% chance of rain.  The temps with lows of 36 and a high of 54 will be pretty ideal.  A little chilly at the start maybe, but better than hot!

 2. I haven't really wrote down any goals yet so here goes
  •  A. (shoot for the moon)  1:37.  I think this would be a little fast given the course has hills, but hey shooting for the moon here! This would make it a PR and I don't really expect it, but we will see how I feel on race day.
  •  B. 1:40ish or just keeping a pace in the high 7:30s
  • C. 1:41, 1:42 ish which would be keeping my pace in the low to mid 7:40s.  
  •  D. Just run it faster than my last one, which was 1:45 something.  I was not feeling that race for the last 4 miles.
3. I didn't blog at all while my little sister and her family was here.  I didn't get all my runs in. I didn't do yoga at all.  The kids had cousin sleepovers every night.  We went on hikes, and runs, drank wine, went to a birthday party, ate food, shopped, and talked and talked some more. The time went by so fast and then she was gone again.

This picture is from when we took the kids on a hike and then stopped to play in the creek.  They were busy making boats to float down the creek.  It will be awhile before all 8 cousins are together again.  My son and my lil sister's oldest son went to kindergarten together and were joined at the hip the entire time. They really missed each other!
and 3.1 check out the determination on my little cowboys face. 

Such a tough guy!


  1. Could you be more adorable in that picture!?

  2. You have GOT this run! Knock down those goals, girl!

    Also- your family is DARLING! I know I've said it before. :)


  3. What a fun time with your sister! Good luck this weekend:)

  4. Good luck on your half! I'm glad to know that you were having fun--I was wondering where you went!

  5. Love the shot of all the kids--must have been so nice for all of you! Good luck this weekend. I predict a nice finish for you!

  6. Love these pics! Might as well shoot for high goals! You'll surprise yourself I bet! Those are my fav temps for running. Here on the east coast it's into the high 80's. Stinks really. Good luck!

  7. Number 3 sounds wonderful - sleepovers, hikes, wine and chatting? Perfect. Good luck with the race :)

  8. Good luck! Sounds like a great time with your sister and her family :)

  9. Good luck! Can't wait to hear about your results! :)

  10. Shooting for the moon is fun. Have a great race!


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