Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sorta Silent Saturday

I started this post for a three things Thursday.. and am just now getting back to it.  I was going to just delete it because I have so much new news, but then I looked at this picture and all the pretty colors in it and had to share.
I think that was from Tuesday morning, my cowboy had to go to a funeral out of town so I had to check the cows to see if any were in heat, get the kids to my sister's house and head to work, all before 6 am.  Good thing it starts getting light out around 5 am now!

 I also thought the bright colors in this outfit was a fun contrast to the browns/yellows of the corral.
Sunrise is my favorite time of day.  Every time I see a one I am so thankful I am a morning person. 

and the kids had their last day of school on Thursday.
 and finally balls on trucks.. no, just no.
Okay the whole truck is practically a no. 
PS. Running is going great right now :)
Are your kids out for summer yet (if you have them)?
How is running?
What's your favorite: sunrise or sunset?


  1. Sunrise all the way - the best, best time of day!

  2. Oh my... that truck! Your pictures are beautiful.. I love sunrises too!

  3. I'm anxious to hear your new news! And, wow, that was a lot to do before 6am! I love sunrises too and love being a morning person for them, I get way more excited about them than I do sunsets.

  4. mine has her last day this thursday.
    I CANT WAIT :-)

  5. Your sunrise pictures (other post too) have been spectacular!

    And just say NO to the truck nuts.


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