Saturday, May 23, 2015

Race Photos, Random Half Marathon Thoughts, plans, what's next, comparisons etc

I finally remembered to look at my photos from the Women's Run
I look like I am having fun.  Another great race photo
although maybe better than this one, sorry random person.  Hers was right before mine and made me feel a little better about my crappy photo. I bet she was excited to see hers too.
 Lil Cowgirls photo from the 2  mile shows her sprint finish pretty good.

 My 2 mile run photo was a lot better than the 5 mile photo. Eyes open and smiling as I watch my daughter cross the finish line right in front of me.
 I look way more bad ass in this one from 3 years ago, except for the one where I look like I am going to vomit.
What's next for me?  I have half number 2 and race number 4 for the year under my belt and have of course by now already looked at some more half marathons. I am hoping to get in at least 2 more this year, if not 3.  Happily there are starting to be more local half marathon options.  When I started running halfs there were only 2 local ones.

Now there are 5 I believe.  YAY!  One in May, July, August, September and October.  The July one I will be gone for as I will be busy running a Ragnar Relay that weekend in Washington.  I am more than okay with that as that half marathon is always hot and miserable and is acutally run on the same course as the half in October. 

I want to do the September and October ones for sure with the September one being an A race.  I am torn on the August one a) it's still a hot time of year b) it's supposed to be downtown which could be a potentially boring course.

Kiley was incredibly generous and wrote me a plan for this last training cycle. I have never actually closely followed a plan, had one wrote for me or had one written down in general.  I usually just worked in a long run, a speed session and some easier runs.  I followed it pretty closely until the last couple weeks when I had an illness, bad weather and family visiting.  Here are my thoughts on having a plan.

  • it pushed me harder than I would have
  • it was so convenient to have 
  • I would do it again
I took most of last week off from running and used the rowing machine a little, did one easy run and some strength training.  I may take another easy week and then get back into it. 

I am happy with my time difference,  overall I finished two minutes faster on a slightly hillier course.  They both started up hill followed by a lot of downhill.  Bozeman's Run to the Pub then had two hills around mile 9-10 and a down hill finish.  This last half in Billings had a hilly finish from mile 8.5 on and I felt like I finished stronger.

If you are looking for someone to write a plan for you or a coach I encourage you to contact Kiley, she is pretty awesome and she likes writing plans!


  1. I love having a coach. My coach isn't a running coach, she's a crossfit coach. This works really well for me, since I'm ahem older, and can't do those high mileage training plans anymore. I'm really happy with my results!

  2. I love having a plan. It keeps me in check.
    i love bad race pics. makes me feel better about all of mine. Haha

  3. So happy for you that your training with Kiley helped increase your speed overall. Love the pics!

  4. Yay for more half options!! That's always exciting! :) Congrats on your time improvement, too! Awesome job, girl!

  5. Hey, thanks for the shout out! and thanks for letting me write up a plan for you this time around. Those photos!! :)


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