Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It has started again!

and it's on again!  I started up half marathon training again this week.  My next half marathon is September 20 and that makes it just under 8 weeks away!  For whatever reason I had no energy for my 5.35 mile run on Monday so I was a little apprehensive about how speedwork would go yesterday, but I felt great for it.
Look at how overcast it was! 

I did quarter miles intervals x8 with an easy three mile warm up and mile cool down for a total 8 miles.  We had a cold front blow through yesterday and it felt like a nice cool fall day with a cool breeze and 65 degrees.

Then I did a 24 minute HIIT workout and kinked my back with 12 seconds to go in the workout.... seriously.  UGH.  I took it easy the rest of the day, but it is still pretty stiff and sore this morning.  SO.. the plan is to take it easy until my back feel better. Hopefully that won't take too long and I can get back at it!

Sunday I picked up a desk for my son that my aunt was getting rid of and it turned into an all day project of deep cleaning first my son and then my daughter's room complete with rearranging and rug shampooing.  The end result was worth it! It had been awhile since I went through their rooms and got rid of too small clothes and worn out toys.   A huge garbage bag of trash came out of both of their rooms and they look like whole new rooms!

Although on the way home with the desk we did stop and play some bale tag on some bales that were waiting to be stacked.
I wasn't all work and no play!


  1. My marathon is on the same day as your half - whoooop!

    I love it when my house (and kids' rooms) are clean too - feels soooooo good!

  2. I've been off all week and I've gotten nothing done around the house! But I've been having fun...

    Great job on the training and I love your outfit!

  3. Bale tag! That's a farm girl classic, for sure! Way to go! :)

  4. I hope your back is feeling better. It's funny how a little project turns into a big one. But what an accomplishment once it's done. Good luck with your training. 8 weeks will fly right by!

  5. I've been training for awhile now...but haven't picked out a race, whoops!

  6. Great workout there!
    Those round bales are so fun. Here, they wrap them in something white and they look like giant marshmallows :-)


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