Friday, July 3, 2015

How to run early in the morning

First think I will admit here is that this is the only time of the year that I run early.  There are no street lights and I have no desire to encounter bears etc on a dark road, I also have to desire to twist my ankle on the gravel roads.  Therefore the only time of year I run really early is when it gets light out really early. 

I have to leave my house at 6:20 am at the latest to get to work on time so that means my run needs to be done by 5:40  so I can shower, eat breakfast and have a little time with the kids. I do love sunrise runs though.  I find something about running into the sunrise very energizing.

1. Make the decision.  Don't think along the terms of "I am going to try to run early tomorrow".  Nope.  Think along the lines of "I am running early tomorrow".  There is no question about it, the decision is made.  You don't have to lay in bed wondering if you should run because you are going to run.

2. Set out everything you are going to need the night before.  I find the longer it takes to get everything together the more likely I am to get distracted and either talk myself out of the run or not have enough time to run as far as I wanted to.

3. Set an alarm.  I am probably on oddball here but I rarely am still in bed after 4:30 am.  I still set my alarm just in case.

4. Leave yourself notes.  Sometimes I get a bit distracted by Facebook, or blogging, or just plain old web surfing and before I know it... bam no time to run, or yoga, or whatever.  If I put a sticky note on the computer it is a good reminder.

5. Get your gear on and go. Don't over think it, just go!
What is your favorite time of day to run?  In the hot summer months I love to get out just before sunrise, but most other times of the year mid morning is usually when I run.

When do you usually run?


  1. I am totally with you that this time of year, it's best to beat the heat and get out of the door early in the morning! It's also so satisfying starting your day off right and having the whole day still stretched out ahead of you. Good tips in here!

  2. Last summer I had a few early runs where I got 6.2 miles in before 7 am. They actually felt really good and I felt so accomplished for the day! -M

  3. If I lay my clothes out, it keeps me accountable. It's like I HAVE to run. I never set an alarm because I'm always awake. On the rare occasion I oversleep, I feel like my body needed that more than the run.

  4. I like to run in the morning, but darn, GIRL, 4:30? Wow, you are so much more dedicated than I am.

  5. I ran at Holter Lake, near Helena, at 5:30am today. Hardly anyone else out but the deer at that time!


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