Thursday, July 9, 2015

Three Things Thursday

1. The days are again getting shorter again and that makes me sad in the mornings when it isn't starting to get light at 4:45 anymore.  I don't run in the dark.  Too many rocks that want to trip me, no street lights, and bears.  Mountain lions.  No thanks! 

I am still running first thing in the morning though, but soon it won't be light enough to get in a quick run before work anymore.

I just love having my run done before breakfast and the kids are awake!
 I don't generally stay up late so it getting darker earlier does make me happy.

2. I saw this on Facebook yesterday, thought it was pretty awesome so I had to share.

3. and this too. 
I think I used to believe running was a cheap sport, but I have come to grips with reality. 

Almost Friday and 8 days until Ragnar Northwest Passage!  Woohoo!


  1. Great 3 things post! I totally love #2! I love when it's actually light for my morning runs too but I will run in the dark, but the worst thing I see if maybe a fox every now and then. I definitely wouldn't run where you live ;)

  2. and now walking isnt cheap here either as I WANNA WALK RACES :-)

  3. I thought about the disappearing light last night as I walked out of work...sigh...

  4. Yes, the days are getting shorter already. :(

  5. So true about running not being as cheap as I once thought it was. If it were just the shoes and occasional workout outfit it might be. But now it's about the races and the gear :)


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