Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekly Wrap: 2 weeks post marathon

Sunday: 3.16 miles  easy run. 2nd run post marathon, things feeling stiff.  45 minutes of yoga

 and a ride to look for a bull that was out. We found him in the brush and got him back in.

Monday: 60 minutes of yoga

Tuesday: 5 mile run. This felt pretty good although my legs did start to feel pretty tired by the end, still feeling that marathon!

Wednesday:  Easy bodyweight workout

Thursday: Nothing

Friday: 18 minute HIIT workout and a 7 mile run. The run felt really good, although I did break it down into a 4 mile run with a 5 minute break for some yoga and then three more miles. My shoulder while not 100% did not hurt.  It didn't make me stop and walk it out, it may be getting better!

Foggy grey rainy day
Saturday: I didn't have very long to run, so I ran fast..sort of. But it felt great, and it quit raining by the time I got out running. My legs are feeling like they really want to run.

Roader is fast becoming comfortable in the house and a spoiled part of the family.
Running 17 miles
Yoga: 2
Overall a good week and I am so happy I took last week so easy after the marathon as now my legs are feeling rested and refreshed,  ready to start thinking about Ragnar Hawaii in 17 days.

and the rest of the yoga poses from the challenge that I didn't get into my runstagrams.
What a difference between the foggy sky and the blue sky!
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  1. Looks like a great recovery! Your yoga poses are beautiful as always.

    Ragnar Hawaii? Now that's a relay I couldn't turn down!

  2. So excited to hear more about Ragnar Hawaii! And good for you for taking it easy after your marathon. I've always struggled with the balance, either getting right back in to running, or taking it too easy & losing all my fitness.

  3. Great wk of workouts. Roader is adorable. He has it rough:)

  4. puppy is pretty much the cutest ever. Ragnar Hawaii????

  5. Love the yoga poses! You make them look effortless ;-) Hawaii has a Ragnar????? I'm #jealous on so many levels ;-)

  6. You got your pink Inknburn shorts already!!! Mine are being shipped as we speak and I keep checking both the tracking and my mailbox EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

  7. Ragnar Hawaii sounds delightful! Can't wait to read your recap once you've run it!

  8. How does Cola like having a new dog in the family? I hope they have become best friends already. That yellow tree is so pretty! Ragnar Hawaii is going to be absolutely incredible. Have you been to Hawaii before? Thanks for linking, Christy!

  9. Hard to say but I think you could be rocking recovery about as much as you did training! Always love the pictures! Thanks Christy for joining us in the link up!


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