Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weekly Wrap: week 1 post marathon

Sunday: Bozeman Marathon the recap for that is posted HERE. I did throw in a few of my race photos into this post just for fun.

Monday: Nothing. I did have to work so I did walk around a lot and did a few squats..not on purpose just work related.

Tuesday: 1 hour of yoga.  It felt really good. Quads still really sore, hammies tight but otherwise not too bad.

Wednesday: 45 minutes of yoga

Thursday: Nothing.  I am really good at this recovery week thing.

Friday: 30 minutes of yoga before work. Legs feeling back to normal and wanting to run!

Saturday: 4 mile run, 20 minutes of strength training. The run felt pretty good although a bit sluggish.  Quads felt more tired than usual after strength training. I kept it pretty easy though.

Shoulder update:  Meh. I had it taped Thursday by a physical therapist and he says I need to work on my posture. He said the muscle, infraspinatus, is very mad and to work on doing some strength training for it as well.   It felt pretty good for my run Saturday until about three miles in and then started to bother me. Grr.  I walked for a bit to let it work out and then finished my run without it bothering me.

Next step if it doesn't start improving is to get an xray.  I feel like it is so so slowly getting better and I am so so impatient.  It continues to be stiff in the morning and feels really good by afternoon and into the evening.  Wondering if I need a different pillow or something to help.

I also continued with the yoga challenge

Running: 30.2 miles.  One marathon, 5 days of rest and one easy 4 mile run!
Strength training: 1
Yoga: 3

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  1. Your yoga poses are just spot on perfect! What a great week of recovery. I hope your back calms down.

  2. I just buzzed over to read your marathon race cap...congrats! You had a great finish time, and the AG award is pretty sweet. Sorry for the shoulder issue...hope it's able to heal (the tape job is killer!) ;-)

  3. Love your marathon photos ! Sounds like a great recovery week. Sorry to read about your shoulder...

  4. Wow your shoulder tape job is almost artistic! :) I hate you are having to deal with it though! Boo on that! Enjoy your recovery Christy!

  5. I hope you'll continue to take it easy and enjoy your recovery. I'm curious how long the shoulder taping lasted? I can't ever get the stuff to stick. Your yoga poses are always so impressive. I like the one against the corrugated metal -- interesting perspective with the shadow. Thanks for linking, Christy!


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