Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Running Challenges

I rarely have a problem with motivation to run. I generally always want to run.  When the kids were younger the challenge was finding a babysitter to watch the kids, which thankfully I live in a small spread out "village" of family here on the ranch. I have 3 aunts, 2 siblings, my parents, and a grandmother all close by as well as a cousin, and neighbors that are like family. My husband also is awesome of course, but he works a lot in the fall, summer and spring.

Now that the kids are bigger I tend to run in the mornings before they get up in the summer.  When they go to school I have two days a week at home by myself.  I find those days I tend to procrastinate on running the most for some reason.  I think it is because I have from 7-4:45 to get my run done while they are gone. I don't feel hurried to get it done while there is someone to watch them.

Other running challenges include
  • Speed work: I'm just not that into hitting the paces right now. I kind of just want running to feel good and feel fun. 
  • Mud:  I have about two miles of pavement close to me, but the rest of the roads I run are either county gravel roads or field roads. If it is muddy out the pavement is nice, but who wants to run the same stretch over and over. The gravel roads can be okay when it's muddy but the field roads and trails are out, I just end up sliding around and getting mud caked on my shoes.
  • I get distracted:  I want to stop and check out cool rock formations, old homestead sites, old rusted machinery, and beautiful views.  
  • Weather: I have no treadmill. I do have an elliptical but that does not satisfy like running does. So when it is the middle of winter or raining I have to convince myself to just run a mile. I rarely just run a mile. Once out there and warmed up, only once did I turn around after a mile. It was 40 below zero and my eyes kept trying to freeze shut.  Everything else was warm enough, I just needed ski goggles or something.

  • Animals: I ran into a bear once and they now seem to be in the country all the time. Thankfully I haven't run into another one, but now I have to run with bear spray all the time. Cows thankfully while they might chase my dog so far run off when I wave my arms or yell at them.  
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  1. Ha! Bears. Yeah, none of those around here. I well remember when I was motivated enough to head out in sub-zero temps. Now, zero is pretty much where I draw the line. I can definitely see where mud would get really old. As would the same route all the time. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Speeder is always a challenge for me. Now that I started teaching classes at the gym I have access to it so I can't use weather as an excuse for not wanting to work out.

  3. I wouldn't worry about speed work so soon after your marathon - just enjoy running again!

  4. I completely relate to the challenge of speedwork! I know how beneficial it is, but it's tough to motivate ourselves to reach the level of discomfort that speedwork entails. Yes to running that feels good and is fun! My thought is that if it isn't enjoyable, we will be challenged to keep doing it, right? (Hence why I struggle to do regular speedwork...)

  5. Ha ha this is great. Indeed, lots of challenges. Bear spray ? I didn't even know that existed.

  6. I have a treadmill but I'd rather run outside--no matter what the weather. No bears here. Just lots of cars. Ugh.

  7. It's funny how the days that are less structured are the ones where it's harder to figure out when to run! I find making myself a "daily schedule" even for my weekend days (my free days) makes it easier: Run & Recover 8-12, lunch, errands (or whatever) 1-3 pm, junk TV from 3-5 pm.... haha!

  8. Like you, I usually don't have a problem with motivation to run. My biggest running challenge is not to stop to take pictures of flowers, the sunrise, deer, etc. I'd have the same problem if I lived where you live. You have some great running views!


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