Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun new running gear!

And here it is Tuesday already. I am so excited for the weekend and finally a race, not just any race, but my first 10k!  I am pretty much over being nervous about it for now until Saturday morning and at this point just want it to be Saturday so I can do it! I am sure that Saturday morning I will be a ball of nerves and have to pee eight times before the start of the race.  I hate running with a bladder that even feels half full though.  I think more of the speedy speedys will be doing the 5k since it is an RRCA 5k Regional Championship race.  Which kind of makes me want to run the 5k just to see if I can get a PR, I did last year :) What I was really getting to there was that I think I will have a good chance of placing high in my age group.  No matter what though it will be a PR!  Gotta love that!

I did a short interval workout yesterday that felt really good.  I did 6 x 400s with a mile warmup and cool down and 2 minutes easy jogging between.  Other than an easy run tomorrow that will be about it for the week, I am not even going to do a BodyRock workout the rest of the week as I want my legs FRESH on Saturday.

I bought some Asics compression socks in town yesterday when I took the kids in to play at the park.  I haven't decided if I will wear them for the race or not.

  Just curious how many other people race in them and if they notice a difference?

They seem really comfortable. and the aqua in them matches some of my running clothes.

I really wanted the more expensive ones, but couldn't bring myself to pay $60 for a pair of knee high socks.

I also got an SPI belt.  I can't seem to win one in any of the giveaways so I broke down and bought one.  I wanted it mostly for my camera one runs.  Right now I am having to strap on the big old fuel belt every time I want to bring my camera along.  The kids help pick it out.  I got a blue camo one.

Yesterday ended up being busier than I thought it would be so I guess I will have to catch up with everyone tomorrow! I did see a big snake in my garden the kids thought was pretty neat, unfortunately I didn't have my new camera with me, so I couldn't get a picture for you.  Happy Tuesday everyone!
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What fun new running gear have you got lately?
When you run with a camera what do you carry it in?


  1. The newest thing was the Garmin but I am looking into getting compression socks. I didn't realize that those things can cost $60! Yikes!
    Here is the link to the product that I bought at the runners expo:
    I habe the sport i20 in black. I bought it to carry around my beeper and Blackberry Torch when I am on call.
    The only reason why I would look into getting some sort of belt to hold my gadgets is because I wear my ipod classic on my right arm and this armpocket goes on my left. Even though it really shouldn't matter, I don't like wearing something on my left side. I know it is weird. I am thinking about other options for my ipod so I can wear the armpocket on my right. I like to have ALL of my music available for my run so if my mood changes, I can change my music. That us why I haven't downsized to a small ipod for runs. I might have to consider it though!

  2. I race in CEP compression socks and I LOVE them. They make my legs feel less tired and keep swelling down. The socks you got are much prettier colors than mine (CEP colors leave something to be desired).

  3. I recently won a sony walkman mp3 player, and I'm loving the "no cord" thing so far...

    I use compression sleeves for recovery, but I've never raced in them. I have never tried the socks (like you, I've found them unjustifiably expensive).

    Good luck in your 10k!

  4. I've been banking on winning a SPI Belt too! It seems that there is a new giveaway everyday for one....but if I don't win one by July, I'll probably just buy one.
    My newest running gear: a Nathan Hand Held water bottle (awesome!) and a tunebelt for my iPhone....which functions as my iPod and camera.

  5. I love my spibelt - I'm always trying to win another, but no luck. I have compression socks that I've only worn in recovery. Although sometimes I forget that I own them... maybe I'll remember after my long run this weekend since I've forgotten the last 2. I bought a less expensive pair - I can't remember the brand, but I think they were $30ish... Good luck with your race!

  6. I just bought a badass fanny pack. Just kidding, it's not one of those 80s things, it's a water bottle holder thingy, but it can also hold my phone and mp3 (b/c i'm a moron and don't have an arm band thingy for my mp3).

    But I love it so far. Oh and my new tennies that I got a few weeks ago (except that I have a huge nasty blister on my Achilles tendon from it. boo.)

    You'll do great on the race!! Good luck!

  7. Exciting on the race this weekend!!! Good luck!! Excited to read about it. I have an Ifitness belt like that Spibelt. I put my phone in it when I run and I LOVE it! Love the socks too! Have a great day:)

  8. I've heard good things about the spibelt. I use a Nathan pack to hold my phone, Gu chomps etc. And it stays in place most of the time.

    I wear my CEP compression socks for long runs and races and *think* my legs feel better. The recovery seems to be faster in them.

    And good luck on the 10k. I'm sure you will rock it. I'm interested to hear how you pace yourself for it because *gasp* I've never done a 10k. I've done every distance between 5k and marathon. Something about 10k distance scares me. If I can shake this calf-shin problem I've got, then I'll register for a 10k in a month or 2.

  9. Ooh...can't wait to see what you think of the socks. I was going to get some and didn't realize they were a billion dollars...for socks! Maybe it's worth it though :)

  10. OOh you spi belt is cute, I'm a big fan of the blue camo pattern.

    I've never work compression socks during a race, I don't like the tight feeling, especially when it's hot out. But it may be worth a try, it seems like a lot of people love doing it.

  11. I can't wait to hear the reviews on this!!

  12. oh, fun compression socks!

    Now that I have an iphone I just put it in an armband and use that as my "camera" even though the pictures aren't quite as good.

  13. I love my spibelt! I run with my iphone and use it as my camera. I have put my regular size camera in there too.

    I have only ran long distances in compression socks and not sure that I really felt a difference. I usually just wear mine before a long run or after a long run.

  14. I am so excited for you to run a 10k! I think you are going to fall in love with the distance. And like you said no matter what it will be a PR. Gotta love that.

    I wear my Zensha compression sleave when I race anything past 10k distance because they seem to prevent cramping and speed recovery. For shorter distances I usually do not wear them. But hey if they match your outfit I say go for it. They definitely aren't going to hurt you.

  15. LOVE your new socks! Wish they were available down here in SA :( . You're going to love running with your spi-belt - they're REALLY comfy!

  16. GOOD LUCK out there!! you'll totally rock it AND you'll do so looking awesome in ur cool new running finds. :)

    don't let yourself get too nervous, you've put in all the work and now's the fun part. i laughed about the pee part because i'm the exact same way! i have to make sure that i go RIGHT before the start (of any run actually...lol) because there's nothing more uncomfortable than a full bladder. :)

    awesome job on your last hard workout and go in with the confidence in knowing that you're ready to roll...and make sure to have fun!!

  17. Thanks for entering my giveaway!!! super excited to follow you! and WOO HOO! just in time for your 10k! So excited for you...GOOD LUCK! I have some CEP socks that I got on ebay (yeah I was not down with the $60 price either)...I think I got mine for $29 or $30...still expensive for socks but felt like a steal at the time. haha! So worth it though...I LOVE THEM! and wear them to LRs, half-marathons and I wore them in my marathon this weekend. I like them and feel like they really help my legs during the race and with recovery.

    I just got a spibelt too but have not tried it yet! I usually wear a nathan belt that is similar to it and carry my camera in that :)

    Hope you have a wonderful night :)

  18. I love my compression socks and that is honestly all that I wear. I have 2 pairs of CEP's and a few pair from RunningSkirts...I also love them after races! Good luck this weekend! Fingers crossed for a good race!

  19. i still love my compression socks!! I started wearing them in some of my races and it just makes me feel fast!

  20. I love compression socks, it's like a hug for your feet and legs. I don't run in them though, I use them after runs.


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